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Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 4 ad is a four minute video of non-stop puns

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We were generally note a fan of Samsung’s recent Galaxy Note 4 ads attacking the iPhone 6 Plus. Not only did it make the company look overly defensive, but the ads served as PSAs on the arrival of a new, larger iPhone. Thankfully, Samsung has taken an entirely different path with its latest Galaxy Note 4 ad, and it works pretty well.

It’s not a a short educational film on the Galaxy Note 4, and it doesn’t particularly put the device on display, but it is funny and memorable, and those are two things that Samsung could really use right now. The ad, coming in at over four minutes long, features a pun battle between two best friends. The goal? Make as many Note puns as humanly possible.

We won’t spoil the video, so be sure to check out it in its entirety below. Be on the lookout for this to be chopped up and displayed everywhere over the coming weeks. And if you like it, make sure to head over to Samsung’s YouTube page and give it a thumbs up. Apparently the 1.1 million people that viewed the video since Saturday aren’t huge fans.

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  • Nigel

    Entirely consistent with pbablet users:

    - not actually having a life away from their phones
    - stood still unable to do anything else with their hands whilst using a phone as it requires two hand to use
    - going on about their phones.

    2014, and I fear 2015 will be more of the same til this fad of a talking machine which can check email goes back to what its good for.

    Want bigger screen, carry a tablet.

    • Des

      The only time I use two hands is to sketch or using the pen to play games.

  • Steve

    Ba’h humbug!

  • Wonder

    I think it’s silly and stupid. I don’t want to watch it ever again. Why did you even recommend it?

    • Onpointg3

      Note in my house

  • p51d007

    Note funny…but more anoting than anything else