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Samsung’s newest ads poke fun at Apple as always, but without the humor

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We’re no strangers to Samsung ads that poke fun at Apple. For the last few years, Samsung has been making commercials making fun of both Apple and its die hard customers, but in a lighthearted way. They were funny and not really insulting, and they were good moves by Samsung. As time went on, Samsung created different ads about different aspects of “Apple culture” and all was fine.

However, the latest ads are aimed squarely at the latest Apple announcements, referencing the new larger displays, broken livestream, and more. However, Samsung forgot to add humor to these videos, making them blatantly unfunny and almost cringe-worthy. And there’s six of them, so there’s plenty of content to make you uncomfortable.

Samsung, your previous ads were actually quite funny and clever in their poking fun at Apple. Why resort to pointing out differences in devices in such a boring way? Hopefully Samsung’s next ads will be something new and creative, as this series of ads definitely didn’t work.

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  • Andrea Cristiano

    Meanwhile no android fans like me will agree with you. I do. I think this kind of crap doesn’t belong anywhere especially when Samsung helped make most of those iPhones their mocking

  • Bart

    I prefer Android over iOS. I also prefer Samsung to other Android makers. But lately Samsung’s tactics are annoying me. Their minuscule upgrades are things that should have existed in the first version of whatever model anyway. I’ve had both the Note2 and Note3. I have no intention of getting the Note4. Will I get the Note5 when it arrives? Depends on how much carrot they are dangling this time. (Will I get a real, honest to goodness carrot or just a mini carrot for dipping in ranch dressing?) The “next big thing” should be something more than screen and camera resolution. (And who cares that it partnered with Mont Blanc!!!? What a bunch of hooey.)

    • SGB101

      Your not meant to buy every version, it’s evey second version.

      Then you would feel more benifit for your £600, cos as you have notice it’s more evolution than revolution.

      • Bart

        Thanks, but not so. I and others I know have the luxury of buying anything phone they want, as often as they want. If Samsung had released the concept phones they boasted about last year (or was that 2012?), I would willingly have gone for it. Instead, they offered up stale bread and called it croutons.

        • SGB101

          just cos you can doesn’t mean you should.

          I’ll say it again, Samsung don’t expect you (the majority) to buy every year, and most will be happy to see there contract out, and then only upgrade because the carrier ‘nudges’ them into it.

          The normal person would be happy keeping a device for 3+ years.

          I’ve had about 10 android phones, but I’m far from normal. But I like to stagger my phones, I wouldn’t get a phones predecessor, if I had a sgs4 Id get the one m8 instead of sgs5. Or if u had the m7 I’d of got the sgs5/note4 over the m8 for example.

          I actually went, one x, note2, moto g then one m8.precides from the o+o,and new Moto g nothing really interests.

  • sam sung

    Samsuck must be bvtthurt about Apple Pay taking over the world and they have google wallet flop.
    And Apple presents U2, Samsuck this one hit wonder gangnam style guy

    • des

      who in the world is u2?

    • des

      is it the guy in the scarf?

  • justin beaver

    Samsung and Iphone users are douche bags and morons. What a crap between these two giant companies, they tried to get all the money they can get to all users by introducing different models every year. 👎

    • Bart

      I can’t say I disagree about either company, but I also can’t think of ANY company that isn’t “introducing different models every year.” In fact, the company that doesn’t do that would soon go out of business. Personally, I’m hoping that next year something truly “big” will come in the form a folding, see-through, and scroll-like displays. But I ain’t holding my breath.

      As far as insulting users of specific products, you really aren’t helping your “cause” any by alienating huge segments of consumers. I know many technically advanced people in I.T. companies that use both. They are far from being morons.

  • roscoe

    I think the apple people should be happy with the new larger iphone (I left apple because of the very small displays and that apple is not leading, they’ve become happy with following) and the android people should be happy with the note 4 (it’s going to be hard to give up my note 3) but I’m going to enjoy my note 4.

    • roscoe

      O, I forgot, I love this commercial everyone is just getting to sensitive.