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Sony says WQHD display resolution isn’t worth it


We’ve had WQHD displays in smartphones for a little while now, starting with the LG G3. Other devices are now coming out with a WQHD resolution, like the freshly announced Galaxy Note 4, which is sure to be really popular. The high resolution is going mainstream, but Sony thinks it doesn’t deserve it.

Sony’s director of Xperia marketing Calum MacDougall claims that WQHD displays, or 2K as some people call them, aren’t worth using for two main reasons.

Firstly, if we think of this size of screen, even up to 8-inches, they are relatively small screens and it is very difficult for the human eye to discern the difference between 2K and Full HD.Calum MacDougallSony

He also believes that WQHD displays are too much of a battery waster, and with little benefit, the waste of precious battery life is not worth it. While devices like the LG G3 have good battery life, you can’t argue that it’ll be a battery drainer.

It looks like Sony won’t be using 2K displays for a while then. Unless of course the company goes against its own word, which is entirely possible. But are WQHD displays really that much of an upgrade in smartphones? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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  • Robairto

    -Sniff this.
    -You’re right, it does smell like sour grapes!

  • jake

    just jealous matter.

    • Monk

      Marketing 101:

      1) If you do not have a product with x feature, you say that this feature is not needed and its even worse than what you can sell now.

      2) When you have a product with x feature, you say that you are the only one that implement that feature in the right way.

      Wait until the iPhone 6 is presented in a couple of days and see what they will say about bigger screens…

  • jake

    If I was offered two identical devices and the only difference was a 2k display vs. 1080 display, I would take the 1080 every day of the week. Hands down.

  • Tangent

    The HTC One M8 has a pixel density of 441ppi with its HD 5″ display. The original iPhone advertised with a “Retina Display” had 326ppi While there have been some disagreement, generally it’s accepted that around 300ppi is enough that you can’t discern the individual pixels. Strictly physiologically speaking, the human eye – no matter how perfect the vision – cannot possibly discern anything beyond 477ppi at 12 inches from the eye. The Galaxy Note 4 is up at 551ppi. If you are human, that extra resolution is wasted, even if you hold the thing right up to your face just 12″ away.

    The only problem with using logic in this is he’s counting on people using their eyes to see if something looks any better instead of just being spec whores that want to brag about their screens that need a 100X microscope to see a pixel instead of a 10X…

    • Dima Aryeh

      The idea that you can’t see anything over 300 PPI is a myth, there was no real research to support it. It’s VERY easy to see how a higher resolution looks better side by side. With a 5.7-inch device like the Note 4, WQHD will be very appreciated by many (like me, I can see pixels on my 1080p Note 3 quite often).

      • tojen

        The note3 has a pentile screen. Thats why you’ll see pixels from time to time. Ips panels are much better than pentile with regards to screen quality.

        • Dima Aryeh

          That is also very true. Good point.

  • Elliut

    Please tell when u have seen pixels on ir Note 3 because I have the Note 3 and when Im browsing, per say on this page and zoom in all the way on text my eyes trying to notice the pixels. Now I see them when an app icon is at a lower resolution then the phones screen and pixels are very noticable but for the most part buddy u must have bionic eyes there.

    • Dima Aryeh

      I won’t lie, my sharp eyes are a curse.

  • Nigel

    I got Nexus 5 and OPO and I can sense the slightly higher PPI of the N5.

    What matters more than PPI above 440 is brightness in daylight and battery life.

    Hold phone at 1080 and focus on everything else.

    • Dean Weaver


  • Steve

    Well maybe sony should actually upgrade the z3, if it had a 805 instead of a 801, maybe it wouldnt be so much a problem

  • matt

    Check your history, LG was not the first

  • C. Conner

    I feel like with a screen the size of the Note 4,QHD makes sense. It’s the stopping point. Now that the ppi is above 500, OEM’s can stop the pixel race and start working to refine the displays. Brightness, contrast, direct sunlight visibility. Ect… Within 2 years every flagship phone will have this screen resolution and 1080p will be the 720p screens of today. I’m looking forward to having a 5.7 inch screen that is crystal clear. Can’t wait to get my Note 4.!

  • Milenko

    They’ve got a point. The only reason the G3s battery life is okay is because there’s a huge battery. Between the power the extra pixels use and the slow downs of gaming at that resolution, it’s certainly not a necessity. Even if it is nice to look at. To 99% of the people our there, a 1080p 5″ screen still like beautiful.

  • muii

    IMO it’s also a waste, and even if Sony struggle to compete technically on displays (that’s for sure the main reason why they stated that WQHD is useless), they are right in their conclusions.

  • Des

    2K is a waste. Sony right on with this. People say that can notice the difference when looking at a screen that is 2K but in fact what they are seeing is over and saturated colours that just make it brighter and stand out so people go WOW! That 2k screen looks great. Yeah it’s great but its unnatural colours that at simply over exaggerated