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T-Mobile announces ‘Wi-Fi Unleashed’ with a major focus on Wi-Fi Calling and messaging

image T-Mo WiFi unleashed

On September 10, T-Mobile announced a major focus on Wi-Fi during their Un-Carrier 7.0 event. With the new initiative, the Magenta Network aims to make any issues with network connectivity dissipate slightly, as devices will be able to connect and transition seamlessly between the T-Mobile cellular network and an available Wi-Fi network.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that moving forward, all of T-Mobile’s devices will support Wi-Fi Calling right out of the box. Not due to an application, but with the necessary hardware right from the start. Legere also said that at some point in the future, customers will be allowed to go into a T-Mobile store and trade their current device in for a Wi-Fi Calling-supported handset if they so choose, as long as they take advantage of the carrier’s JUMP! program. This means all customers, even if they are currently not part of the JUMP! program when they initially trade in their device.

This initiative is meant to make it easier for those who might live in areas where T-Mobile’s service might not be the best or where the network might not reach specific locations, like a basement, so that they can┬ástill make calls and send messages from their device. T-Mobile says that the transition between the Wi-Fi network and the cellular network will be seamless.

T-Mobile also unveiled another device, called the Personal CellSpot. This device is a personal router that’s specifically designed to enhance and improve the Wi-Fi Calling functionality. It can be run as a standalone device or as an additional router alongside a piece of equipment you may have already installed. T-Mobile also confirmed that for current T-Mobile customers, the CellSpot will be free after an initial $25 deposit. So, no monthly installment fees in other words. If someone wishes to buy it outright, it will run $99, and it supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

The last bit of news pertains to Gogo, the company behind many Wi-Fi implementations within aircrafts. The new partnership means that T-Mobile customers will have the ability to send and receive as many text messages as they want while on the Wi-Fi network. Customers will also be able to check their visual voicemail.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Ryan

    So if it’s baked into the hardware and doesn’t need an app, does that mean that with one of these new phones if you flashed a custom rom like CM or PA then you could still use the WIFI-calling feature?

  • scout82

    I don’t think so Tim. It’s a software feature built into my T-Mobile G3 stock ROM. So I think that’s what they mean… It just uses the builtin Wi-Fi radio not a special Wi-Fi radio or anything.

    • Guest

      Thats because its the stock rom. The feature can not be ported from rom to rom because of the exact reasoning mentioned in the previous comment, and the main part of what the article said, it is, and has been an ‘hardware baked in’ feature.

      Nexus5 has had over a 1500$ ransom for the wifi calling for god knows how long.

      If i could put wifi calling on my One+, id actually use the damn thing.

      fuck imessage.

  • RK

    The W-Fi feature of the phone will now be utilized its most, messaging facility in in-flight is more exciting, thanks to gogo……………………