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The Moto 360 could have been a shiny plastic square


It’s been said before that Motorola spent years working on the Moto 360 that was released to the world last week. Much like with every major product release, we imagine Motorola drummed up quite a few prototypes during that time that looked different from the end result that you can buy today. Now we know just how different those previous Moto 360 designs were.

During the Motorola Moto X, G and 360 press tour last week in Chicago, Motorola put several interesting Moto 360 prototypes on display that showed just how far the company came in designing the Android Wear-powered smartwatch. Droid-Life captured some fantastic photos detailing the evolution of the Moto 360. As you can see in the featured image above, the Moto 360 wasn’t always round. Motorola apparently played with several different plastic and rubber square designs – and a thick-bezeled round design – before finally settling on the more premium metal and leather, slim-bezeled Moto 360 that’s sold today.

The square designs aren’t necessarily ugly, but you have to imagine the Moto 360 wouldn’t sell nearly as well if it looked just like the Gear Lives and G Watches of the world. And it probably wouldn’t have as snappy a name, either.

moto-360-prototype-and-parts-7 moto-360-prototype-and-parts-3 moto-360-prototype-and-parts-12

Source: Droid-Life

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  • BlazeHN

    Reminds me of those old 90′s Casio watches with calculator and stuff xD