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The Moto 360 launches today for $249


By now you probably know all about the Motorola Moto 360. It’s round, runs on Android Wear, is water resistant, comes with a heart monitor and pedometer built in, and has a built in microphone for voice actions and text input. The only thing you probably didn’t know before now was when the Moto 360 was going to launch, where it was going to be sold, and for how much.

Motorola has just announced that the Moto 360 will be available today starting at 11AM C.T. on Motorola’s website, through Google Play, at and through select Best Buy stores. The device will set you back $249 with either a black or gray leather band. Later this fall, a metal edition of the Moto 360 will launch for $299, but you can buy metal bands separately for $79 or leather bands separately for $29.

The Moto 360 faces some tough competition in the Android Wear powered smartwatch race, but there’s good reason to believe it will still be the number one smartwatch to beat this holiday season. Let us know if you’ll be picking one up in the comments below.

Source: Motorola

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  • dbareis

    Apparently its not time in Australia…

  • Jim

    October and $350 in the UK apparently :(

  • E-man

    I’ve been waiting! I’ll be taking a late break at work so I can purchase the watch as soon as it hits 9 A.M. PST. A little disappointing that we have to choose between only a black or gray leather band. I was looking to get a brown one.

  • PullofunaPullo

    I think the Asus Zen watch looks better.

  • nour

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  • Sean

    Motorola Site’s open for purchasing the 360 ( Available on the Google Playstore now too (

    Placed my order through Motorola about 10 mins ago.

  • Curtis Hibbs

    Am I the only one who thinks a round Android watch is about as useful as making a car in the shape of a horse?

  • steven

    The sad thing is t his gets almost no coverage in mainstream media. I bet you won’t see this tonight on NBC Nightly News or this morning on Good Morning America. I can bet you every penny I have that if Apple introduces a watch or wearable on Tuesday, all those broadcasts will cover it and it will be ‘revolutionary’

    I saw a business TV show yesterday where they talked about what they wanted in an iPhone – things like waterproof or longer battery etc and its usually features t hat are on Android phones. Yes a waterproof iPhone would be great but it CAN be done as Samsung has proven; they just have chosen not to do so (its probably more profitable to get you to buy a new phone)

    Android is just the Rodney Dangerfield of the smartphone world…partly because all these media types use iPhones.

  • vasras

    Photo is CGI render.

    The UI in the video is CGI render.

    Give us the REAL photo and video already, not this prettied up, photoshopped, after-effected unreal crap.

    Thank you.

  • C

    Can anyone please tell me what the watch does besides walking directions. I’m serious..

  • C

    And telling time obviously

  • nour

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