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The Moto 360 will charge from any Qi wireless charger, but be careful

moto 360 demo

Recent smart watches have all featured proprietary charging methods. The Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch both feature a special charger you have to put your watch on or in, meaning that if you forget the charger, your watch is useless. Even worse is if the chargerĀ breaks, something that isn’t unlikely with complicated chargers. Luckily, the Moto 360 has your back.

Instead of featuring a complicated charging method and external pins on the device itself, the Moto 360 simply charges wirelessly. Just place it on its charger and you’re good to go. This also means that the Moto 360 will charge on any wireless charger you have lying around, which means charging it is easy and painless.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Some people have been having problems charging the Moto 360 on some wireless chargers that result in the deviceĀ overheating and shutting off entirely. So do check to make sure your wireless charger is charging the Moto 360 properly.

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  • duffguy123

    Would a phone be able to charge wirelessly on the Moto 360 charger? If so, would it not charge very fast since it was made for a watch, not a phone?

  • Riz

    I dont see a problem, despite lofty claims, most smart phones barely last a day on battery… Without the phone, a smartwatch is somewhat useless anyway… So, as long as it matches my phone battery life.. I dont see a problem.