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This could be Motorola’s ‘Shamu’ device, and it’s much bigger than the LG G3

Motorola Shamu

An unreleased Motorola device has just appeared in a new image and it could be Motorola’s rumored “Shamu” Nexus device. For months, word has been swirling around that Motorola would be making a supersized Nexus device. Until now, we haven’t seen a picture of the device, but today’s leak could change that. A Motorola device with a slightly sketchy “Shamu” label on it has appeared in a new photo next to an LG G3. And dear lord, it’s massive.

The device pictured is significantly bigger than the LG G3 in both height and width. At the same time, however, the Motorola device looks nearly identical to the 2014 Moto X. To make matters more confusing, the photo showed up in the comments of Droid Life this morning with a caption that indicated that the phone was coming to Verizon. While we’re nearly certain that Google wouldn’t send a Nexus phone exclusively to a carrier, the phone also seems to line up with some of the previous rumors regarding the Moto “Shamu.”

So perhaps the device pictured is simply a Verizon-exclusive Moto X phablet that’s separate from a Motorola Nexus device. In any case, you can leave your thoughts down below in the comments.

Source: Droid Life

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  • George

    that is not a phone. it doesn’t matter what Moto will say, that is no may be some completely new animal, but that animal is no phone.

  • Nigel

    Looks fake to me.

    If it is Nexus “6″ then its too big to be mainstream popular like the Nexus 5.

    5″ is large but not so large its too hard to use for most people so this size will make the N”6″ less popular than N5.

    • surethom

      I guess this I the nexus X, the nexus 6 should be the 5.2″ screen phone, hopefully.

  • SGB101

    The nexus faithful didn’t like the jump to 5″ this wont go down well.

    6″ isn’t that huge (well it is) if you shrink the bezels down*, from the size of this pic I’d be surprised if that was ‘only’ 6″

    *Somthing apple failed on with the 6+, I know they need that button, for the touch id, but dam the matching ‘forehead’ kills that device.

    They should of put the touch id in a dimple (like the Moto x) where your finger falls,and had 1mm bezels all round. That would of been innovative.

    • Pagger

      Like the mate7 with the fingerprint scanner at the back its already been done b4 they had chance lol

      • SGB101

        But the touch-id actually works well! Sadly the Android alternatives don’t.

        • SGB101

          I’m a big android fan, but sometime you need to admit when yeah other side is doing something better. There touch id is very good on the 6, and matching your finger print to your banking is a very good idea, and should work very well indeed.

  • Clamdee

    I hope this is a similar idea to what Apple just released.
    Shamu may be the larger of two Nexus phones???
    I am just dreaming I think, I have the LG G3 right now any love it’s size but it is on the verge of being too big, a 5.9in screen that looks that much larger than the G3 is too far even with great hardware.

  • Rising33

    A phone that big defies the purpose of the Nexus brand. The point of Nexus in recent yrs is bringing a phone to masses that stays away from the hype by bringing simplicity in hardware and function. So to bring in this behemoth and calling it the next Nexus defeats and even ruins the Nexus name.

  • Rising33

    And when I mean simplicity in function, Im talking about the ( software ) pure Android experience……just had to add that. proof that pure Android was and si the right way to go. How apple doesnt let anyone customize their OS and look at all the apple heads that jump off a cliff for that phone lol. Im not an apple fan by any means but just to put in perspective. The good thing about Google is that they let u choose bloatware by other carriers or the pure stuff. Its been their campaign since the beginning. In spanish we call that “Melaza” meaning the right stuff, the good stuff, pure and unadulterated.