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This is what the Play Store looks like with Material Design


Google recently introduced the world to Material Design and a new leak shows us what the Google Play Store looks like with Material Design. We got our first taste of Material Design added to the Play Store in July when content listings received a refresh to include the new style. Now, Android Police has a leak that includes all sorts of screenshots from the fully-updated Play Store.

From the above comparison images, you can clearly see the difference between the old and the new. Material Design takes the clutter out of the Play Store and replaces it with a simpler, cleaner look. This new design adds an air of refinement and cohesiveness that wasn’t previously found in the Play Store. As well as a clean-up, the Play Store is getting a fresh coat of paint. The colors aren’t terribly different, but they do shift more towards the color palette found in Material Design.

Check out the source link below for more images and be sure to drop a comment down below with your thoughts on the redesign.

Source: Android Police

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  • Max


    • SGB101

      Areo is out, it take up cpu cycles and ram, plus battery, neither fit in with the light weight push for the android one project.

      I like the areo tho, should be hardware dependent like win vista/7.

  • SGB101

    It’s great to see, we will be able to finally chose a device profile to restore apps from.

    App restore was a massive plus in the early days, but after 5 plus years and at least 10 devices, plus a bunch of kids sharing my profile, it’s a race to stop the restore on each device sign in. I did try cleaning it up a while back but it soon got messed up again.

    I’m happy or see this.

  • alex

    Google OCD kicking in again few little cosmetic changes really looks no different

    • Billy

      Typically, I agree. In this case I am hoping their is a broader plan in place to bring all apps into the same design standard. Thus those little changes add up to a cohesive environment. … Let’s see whether this really happens.

      Having said that … I don’t like all the added padding and spaces being put in .. thus providing less content. It is minor but I feel it keeps growing from version to version in the Google designs. We have bigger and bigger phones … do we need more added space around design elements.

  • philosopher_mk

    Watch this from 20-22 minute. :) Thats how playstore will look on L. Meybe those screenshots are from older versions of the platform.