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Unlocked new Moto X will reportedly be called the ‘Pure Edition’

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It’s been known since Motorola officially announced their new Moto X that the device would be sold for AT&T and Verizon, as well as offer an unlocked variant for those who prefer that route. Now, a new report states that the unlocked version may actually get its own title to help it stand out even more.

The report comes from The Verge, and states that the unlocked variant of the new Moto X will actually be known as the “Pure Edition,” perhaps in an effort to differentiate it further from the models that will be sold under carrier flags later this year. While each device will technically run┬áthe same software, the carrier options will be subject to preloaded software out of the box, and perhaps worse, also be beholden to the update schedule of each respective carrier.

The unlocked variant, as usual, will not suffer the same.

So, will you opt for a carrier variant, or are you planning to pick up an unlocked new Moto X when it launches later this year for $499?

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Source: The Verge

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  • Gonzi

    I’ll get one if this “Pure edition” is available on Verizon. (Not holding my breath)

  • darkjuan

    It’s Unlocked. So you can use it on ANY carrier.

  • humidity

    No Verizon developer edition according to Punit Soni from Motorola.

  • John Patrick

    LOL – Pure… as in untainted.

  • Dave

    I wish they’d officially come out with the price of the 32GB model. I keep hearing $50 more, but they aren’t giving the complete subtotal cost. I just keep seeing $499 off-contract. But, I might buy one after seeing a few reviews. It’s either that or the Nexus X. I was considering the LG G3, but there hasn’t been any definite word on whether ot not it’s getting Android L, and not having band 12 kinda hurted me, even tho I’m not even sure if the new Moto X will either.

  • nour

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