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Verizon LG G2 update prepares device for VoLTE

White LG G2 for Verizon leak

Verizon is on the verge of launching VoLTE, which the company calls Advanced Calling 1.0. This will allow people to call over the LTE mobile network, providing high quality phone calls instead of the raspy and garbled calls you’re used to. Only a few devices will support VoLTE from the get go, and the LG G2 is one of them.

The device is currently being updated, and though most of the contents of the update aren’t important, the update does prepare the phone for Advanced Calling. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Autocorrect functions properly when ‘?is selected
  • Cancelled meetings can now be removed from calendar
  • Mobile Hotspot UI prompt to connect corrected
  • Fixed assisted dialing for international numbers
  • Prepare your device for the new Advanced Calling 1.0 feature coming soon from Verizon.
  • Chrome : v31.0.1650.59 > v34.0.1847.114
  • Gmail : v4.7.1 > v4.7.2
  • Google Search : v3.1.24.941712 > v3.3.12.1106182
  • Google Settings : v4.0.34 > v4.3.25
  • Google+ (Google Plus) : v4.2.4.58179886 > v4.3.1.63038142
  • Google Maps : v7.5.0 > v7.7.0
  • Google Play Books : v3.1.23 > v3.1.33
  • Google Play Games : v1.1.04 > v1.5.08
  • Google Play Movies & TV : v3.0.25 > v3.1.22
  • Google Play Music : v5.3.1317M.940995 > v5.4.1413N.1048534
  • Google Play Store : v4.5.10 > v4.6.17
  • Google Voice Search : v3.1.24.941712 > v3.3.12.1106182
  • Google Play Newsstand : v3.0.1 v3.2.0
  • YouTube : v5.3.28 > v5.5.27
  • Google Drive : v1.2.484.18 > v1.2.563.31
  • Google Photos : v4.2.4.58179886 > v4.3.1.63038142
  • Google TTS Engine : v2.4.3.864779 > v3.0.11.1070024
  • Upgrade to SSO v3.1.19
  • Upgrade to Cloud v13.
  • Upgrade to CaNID v2.5.11_2859
  • Upgrade to ISIS Wallet v2.01.00-build.15.30
  • Upgraded VVM : v3.0.3 > v3.1.13.1
  • Alarm Clock : v4.2.13 > v4.2.20
  • Contacts : v4.11.19.2 > v4.11.51
  • Help : v4.4.204 > v4.4.234
  • LG IME : v4.4.22 > v4.4.34
  • LG Email : v6.30.28 > v6.30.53
  • LG Home : v4.3.7 > v4.3.35
  • Music : v4.5.15 > v4.5.24
  • Weather : v4.1.8.1 > v4.2.28
  • Vu Talk was removed

We’re actually pretty excited for Advanced Calling. Too long we have had to suffer from poor quality phone calls. All these years without major advancements. It’s kinda depressing. But with VoLTE, we’ll finally have the HD voice calls we deserve. If you’re the owner of an LG G2 or Samsung Galaxy S5, you’ll be able to give it a shot when the service launches. Are you guys excited?

Via: Droid-Life

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  • pekosROB

    I was digging around in my settings but I don’t see anything to turn on advanced calling. Will there be another small update to include it? I recall when we first heard about this the screenshot showed where you could check the box but I didn’t see it in that same settings area…

    • Dima Aryeh

      Advanced Calling hasn’t rolled out yet. The update prepared it for the feature, but the actual network hasn’t been switched on. I don’t know if there would be a setting available yet.

  • someNn

    I installed the update. VoLTE isnt rolling out to me until Sept 19. This update was told to me by VZW to be a prep update. Part 1 of 2. The option is not there for me in Tethering and Networks to enable VoLTE. Also the VuTalk uninstall remained and the weather app disappeared though the widget is still there and the process is running.

  • JeTDoG

    Downloading the update now. Kind of surprised I’m getting it this quickly, as I’m in what has historically been a slow-to-upgrade market. I’m glad Verizon is not abandoning what is still one of the preeminent Android devices available.

  • LooWaters

    I’m looking forward to this but I’m going to have to wait until it’s integrated with CM 11. I wouldn’t go back to LG stock for anything, even improved call quality, right now. The prospect is exciting, though.

  • Alba

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