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YouTube to offer offline video downloading in India


There has been talk of offline streaming of YouTube for a long time. It’s long been rumored that the company will roll out offline streaming for mobile devices, allowing you to save videos to your device to watch later and preserve your precious tiered data. Little did we know that India would be the first to get this feature.

Yes, YouTube will be rolling out offline playback to India over the next few weeks. This coincides with the release of the Android One devices there, so people can save money on both smartphones and data.

It’s unclear what videos will and will not be available for offline streaming, though it was said that “much of YouTube” will be available offline. And though I wouldn’t use this feature myself, I’m jealous because I don’t have it and can’t wait for it to roll out in the US. There is no word when that will happen, so we’ll just have to wait. Would you have any use for this feature?

Source: Medianama

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  • Nigel

    Doesn’t Android Youtube app download “favourites” and “watch later” already?

    • Dima Aryeh

      Just checked, nope. Entire app doesn’t work without an internet connection.

  • Eion
    • [Nick]

      Hmm didn’t know they took it away, don’t suppose it came in handy much anyhow here in the states.

  • Logan

    Thats a smart move from google… they know how stingy Indian’s are when it comes to using mobile data( they have the stats to back it up and yes i am Indian). Well done google.

  • BlazeHN

    Looking forward that App version to be posted on XDA Developers or somethig, I like on a 3rd world country aswell and face just the same problemas as Indian people.