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The magical iPhone 6 features that Android phones have had for years


If you haven’t already heard, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were unveiled today. Yes, the new iPhone’s are bigger, faster and more amazing than ever – but they are far from revolutionary. Since we’re an Android site, we’re not going to go into too much detail on the two new Apple smarthpones unveiled today, but we will look at some of the new features that made the cut – new features which have been available on Android devices for quite some time.

In the technology world, there are leaders and there are followers. Apple deserves the credit for sparking the smartphone revolution, but the list below shows that Google’s Android and the dozens of manufacturers who build the smartphones we love are still ahead of the curve.

  • 4.7-inch display: it wasn’t too long ago that Apple stretched the iPhone’s screen to 4-inches. According to Apple, that was the perfect size display since it was optimal for one-handed use. Apple has now thrown that marketing line out with the trash and embraced the 4.7-inch display size as its new standard – a screen size that was the used back in 2012 for nearly all flagship Android devices.
  • 5.5-inch display: if Apple thought that a 4-inch display was the perfect size, we’re trying to imagine how Tim Cook, Jony Ive and the rest of the product team at Apple could justify a 4.7-inch display, let alone one that measures 5.5-inches. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 made the 5.5-inch form factor extremely popular in late 2012 and it could very well be the default screen size for most flagship Android phones in 2015. It’s nice to see Apple make such a large leap in size, but we hope the company is ready to give consumers a 6-inch device in 2015.
  • 1080p resolution: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to fall 2012! Oh, wait… this is 2014. Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus has been upgraded with a Retina HD display which features a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with 401 ppi. That’s a big jump for Apple since the original Retina display sported a 326 ppi, but it’s still at least a year behind the curve. The 5.5-inch display on the LG G3 features a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels with freaky 538 ppi. We’re not saying Apple really needs that many pixels to compete, but it would be nice if the 4.7-inch iPhone 6′s display wasn’t an odd 1334 x 750 just because Apple wanted to maintain the same 326 ppi form the original Retina display.
  • NFC with wireless payments: The new iPhones finally have NFC which enables Apple Pay. NFC has been used in mobile devices for nearly a decade, but Google officially started supporting the wireless communication standard with the Nexus S. The Android platform uses NFC to send and receive information like contact cards, website URLs, images, videos and it can even be used for mobile payments. It’s nice that iPhone users will be able to use NFC for mobile payments, but Apple seems to have overlooked all the sharing features that can be enabled with NFC. Photo sharing over NFC may sound as overrated, but it’s a feature I use dozens of times a month.
  • Optical image stabilization: while we’d like to poke fun at Apple on this point as well, we’re going to give them a little credit here. Optical image stabilization has been around for years and was used on a handful of flagship phones. Unfortunately, LG and Nokia appear to be the only manufacturers really committed to the technology. HTC used it in last year’s HTC One (M7) but then backed off with the One (M8) since it wouldn’t be compatible with the phone’s two sensor DuoCamera setup. Yes, Digital Image Stabilization works really well on a handful of Samsung phones, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more Android manufacturers adopt OIS now that Apple has included in on the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • HRD selfies: yay…. ?

The fact that Apple is playing catch-up (again) and adopting features that Android phones have had for years is flattering. It legitimized the decisions that Google and its hardware partners have been making. In many aspects, the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are still inferior to today’s flagship Android phones. But they are close, and that’s a good thing. If the general public thinks that the new devices from Apple are the same or better than the current Android devices on the market, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and every other Android manufacturer on the planet will be taking notes and deliver a new generation of products that are even more impressive than Apple’s.

Current Android users will also benefit from the fact that Apple has now adopted NFC. Major banks and retailers will now see mobile payments as a legitimate alternative to the outdated and unsecured credit cards that we have in our wallets. This means we’ll see support for mobile payments from more banks and wider adoption at retailers in the US and around the globe.

The battle between Apple and Google is far from over. Apple can still boast that it has the best selling smartphone lineup on the planet, but we all know that sales number don’t tell the full story. What new hardware component do you think Apple will finally adopt with its next hardware refresh?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • John in Brisbane

    I’m here because I prefer android but I quietly appreciate how much we owe Apple. I think Android is the better platform but Apple has always had the better user experience, including a smoothness that Android has found elusive until very recently.

    1. The 4 inch thing wasn’t a marketing line – it was based on ergonomics. My 1st gen HTC Desire was the last phone I had that was truly one-handed. Even the GS2 required a bit of a shimmy.

    2. 4.7 is a good size. I slightly down-sized to a 4.7 HTC One M7 and I think it’s perfect. Bigger isn’t always better.

    3. We only went to 1080 because Apple bought out retina and started that arms race. They set a new standard that everyone else simply emulated and then sought to beat.

    I think Apple stumbled in the period during and after Steve Jobs was dying. It was then that they would have taken things to the next level but they consolidated rather than extended. Pretty understandable. Now they’re following in terms of form factor and some specs but I suspect they’ll remain superior in terms of seamless, smooth user experience. They still don’t have a peer in that regard. I’ve had each #1 android phone since the HTC Desire and they all disappointed in some regards. 4.4 is great, but up until recently I was telling people that Android was like the Russian version of the space shuttle – looked similar and cost less but had underlying quality issues. I don’t want any of the new apple gear but I bet it’s well made and runs smoothly.

    • DroidSamurai

      >> 4.7 is a good size. I slightly down-sized to a 4.7 HTC One M7 and I think it’s perfect. Bigger isn’t always better.

      As much as I love my Moto X, after using it for an year, and looking at my wife using her Galaxy Note 3, I can say that I do want a bigger screen than 4.7 when I upgrade next time. I find that the “one-hand” operation is meaningless to me as I don’t use my Moto X with just one hand that much. Sure, I don’t want a 5.7″ Note size phabet, but 5.2″ like the new Moto X? A million yes.

      • John in Brisbane

        Sorry I should have said, once you break away from the single hand operation, I think the next limit is the pocket thing. For me, the Note 3 and 4 don’t sit properly in my clothes. I still like the size of them though! I just think the HTC One M7 is the best overall size.

        • Jay

          I prefer the size of the first Moto X. Actually I think the first gen Moto X is the perfect size; Not too big, not too small, large screen on a small body.

          I really don’t like that phones are all getting so big. I wear slim fitting jeans, I walk constantly (which is relevant because I use my phone one handed more often than not and it’s uncomfortable to walk long distances with a huge phone in my pocket), and I run and put my phone in an armband… I don’t want a big phone.

          I shouldn’t have to adjust the way I do everything or the clothes I wear around the size of my phone. I acknowledge that everyone has their preference, but those of us who like smaller phones are running out of options.

        • BlazeHN

          My Note 3 fits perfectly on my pocket :) I am a normal (kinda short actually) adult man.

      • k

        I’ve been using android phones for ages, s2 ,s3, note 2, nexus 4,htc one.Each time when there is new release especially in the samsung line, i became so excited and amazed by the new features and powerful hardware specifications , on paper.Everytime when i compare them with iphone release during the same period, iphones always look like a joke. However, the thing is , each and everytime after i got a brand new android smart phone, i’m quickly annoyed by strange problems such like random reboots, force close error, lags, phone won’t wake up from sleep when screen is on, all kinds of strange , annoying glitches here and there, and then i tried iphone, and i won’t go back android anymore. None of those things happened on iphone and everything is so easy on iphone, i can’t say exactly how, but the entire user experience on apple system is just too much better then on android. I wish either android could improve the user experience or apple could please upgrade your hardware.

        • Paul

          To be honest i have used Android for 5 years a htc legend then a galaxy s2 then a galaxy note 1 stll useing it with jellybean update. I have no idea what your talking about. Im thinking did you ever update your apps or what. Rebboting want wake up from sleep strange glitches What the! I do know ios apps crash twice as much as Android this is proven and a fact! So with my experience i have no issues like you say you have had! But recently used an ipad air only to have it crash 3 times in an hour while i was on, go figure!

    • SubX

      Wrong! Android was in the making way before iOS.

      Android has nothing to that iOS for. Sorry but if you want to go down that line, iOS and Android in fact have to thank Microsoft for Windows Mobile 5. Now I am in no way an Windows Phone fan at all however WM was the first to get in the scene for a smartphone.

      In my opinion, iOS has never run as smooth or has ever been as customisable as Android.

      • John in Brisbane

        “Wrong! Android was in the making way before iOS.”

        Yes but Windows Mobile and early android were dogs. Which is why they didn’t take off. Palm was the most popular OS until iOS came out. My friend still has an HTC Touch HD2 that originally came out with Win Mob and it was ugly and unintuitive. Windows CE was even worse. Android didn’t become useful until 2.x.

        If you think “iOS has never run as smooth … as Android”, you’re in a very small club. Google acknowledged repeatedly that android was not smooth, which is why they eventually bought out the “butter” enhancements. I had a GS2 with at least 4 times the power of an iphone 3GS and you could hold them side by side and watch the judder of the GS2 when performing simple phone navigation tasks.

        • Subx

          Yea but think how old that technology is?

          I Still have my ETEN Glofiish X500 here somewhere that ran on WM5 and for its time, it was awesome. I would hardly call it a dog for how advanced it was for it time.

          • John in Brisbane

            Yeah “dogs” might have been a bit mean :-)

      • Todd

        Then you’re not paying attention

      • Kenny

        Wouldn’t it be the Sony Ericsson P800, with the Symbian UIQ being one of the first few smartphones? Back then, the Windows mobile were more referred to as PDA phones, with the phone function slapped onto a PDA.

      • James

        iOS May not be as customizable, but it definitely runs smoother! It always has ran smoother. I’ve had about every phone imaginable, and I always go back to the iPhone because of that.

        • rico

          I don’t know why people always argue about iOS running smoother than Android. That’s a given. I use Android as well but I think the reason is the density of the Android is. I mean iOS only runs apple products but Android runs Samsung HTC Alcatel LG Sony blu and more. That’s crowded

    • Tangent

      “. We only went to 1080 because Apple bought out retina and started that arms race. They set a new standard that everyone else simply emulated and then sought to beat.”

      I disagree. 1080 has been the standard for high def content for video for years now. With phones being frequently used to watch video and even take it in that resolution, it was only a matter of time before the displays were there no matter what Apple did.

      “Apple has always had the better user experience”

      I used to be neutral on that until recently. I’d always heard the iPhone was the non customizable “it just works” option to the powerful but confusing Android. Then a couple of months ago I was issued an iPhone at my job. IT honestly isn’t any easier than Android, and in several things it’s more frustrating. The learning curve is no different, but it’s completely lacking one feature Android users use all the time and that is especially useful for new smartphone users: The back button. The only advantage the iPhone really has is for people who are reluctant to learn anything new but still like to upgrade as soon as something new comes out. First of all they only have the one source for upgrades and it’s yearly schedule instead of the near-constant flow of new devices from Android. Then there’s no need to bother with reading any specs to know if the M8 or S5 is better quantitatively let alone for their needs; they simply buy the iPhone with the next higher number. And finally, there’s no need to content with any UI differences. It’s a dream come true for people who want to show off the latest device but panic when something is the slightest bit different than what they’re used to.

      • John in Brisbane

        Like I said, I’m an android user! I find ios annoying because of the things you’re saying :-). But then, I was just so annoyed when htc moved the back button from the right to the left… That was like swapping the brakes and accelerator!

      • Todd

        I use both android and iOS products and support users of both.
        The iOS experience is smoother and seamless and therefore repeatedly described by enterprise users as “elegant”. I can say , thankfully, it does just work. That is the purpose behind the close Eco system (+ money making ops).

        Android offers flexibility, that is fun for those who want it, but compatibility and ease of use trump that in the business environment, this leaves people open to use that freedom and creativity in other areas of their lives. It does not indicate sheepish behavior or fear of change.

    • Aalok Shah

      I think you have some good points. One thing this article stated that was misleading was about NFC. Yes you cannot share photos via NFC with the iphone, but for some time you can share them with people using iphones via bluetooth. That way, you dont have to individually beam your photos to each person you want to share with- you can just share it with everyone at once.

      • Mike

        “I think you have some good points. One thing this article stated that was misleading was about NFC….for some time you can share them with people using iphones via bluetooth.”

        How is that misleading? It’s not misleading at all. Bluetooth != NFC. Androids can share via NFC, iPhones can’t… it’s pretty black and white and not misleading at all.

        And besides, Android can ALSO share via Bluetooth (as could most phones for the last 10 years or so…) so the way I see it is:

        Android: Can share via NFC and Bluetooth
        iPhone: Can share via Bluetooth, but NOT NFC.

        Explain to me how that is misleading?

  • DroidSamurai

    Apple’s Steve Jobs: ‘no one’s going to buy’ a big phone

    • Steven

      Apple slowly seems to be acknowledging that they don’t always know best and letting go consumers have a little choice is not terrible idea… Screen size, 3rd party keyboards, watch faxes and bands etc

  • Ray Rice, now with lots of time on his hands

    iPhone 6 does everything better than android phones do. Android phones freeze or crash a lot it p1sses me off. My gf always laughs at me when my galaxy s4 freezes. She has an iphone. The new iphone will have applepay and a fingerprint sensor which will be adopted rapidly, especially when the big boys are already supporting in from the start.
    Why cant we have this with android? The fragmentation and the gazillions of manufacturer are doing more harm than help. Im seriously considering switching to iphone, especially when it finally has a big screen.

    Playing catch-up is MEANINGLESS today, customers dont care if the iphone misses an NFC chip which nobody used anyway. The iphone 6 will continue to outsell every other smartphones by a huge margin.

    • Stan

      ” Im seriously considering switching to iphone” Please, do switch. I’d rather buy a second hand car.

    • octavio gutierrez

      You sound very wise keep posting child.

    • Dan

      I Agree that apple is more reliable device and simplified , if placed next to a android phone playing videos or opening applications the iPhones are less likely to crash , androids are great phones for playing games as long as your ok with the occasional freeze or crash … I hear customers that are pro android that look past the crashes and hiccups and think there phone is bomb diggity that’s cool but I prefer reliability and speed of iphone …
      I’m glad to see new iOS will have wifi calling and yes I know some androids have had this already for awhile …

      • Chris

        Apple in general as in iOS is more stable? Have you ever used an iPod touch? I don’t know if it’s the lack of RAM in Touch devices but my iPod touch 4g ALWAYS lagged and crashed, even after a fresh install. When I see that iPhones only have 1GB of RAM as oppose to most Androids having 2GB and now 3GB I am a bit hesitant to trust Apple devices after my experiences with my two Touch devices.

        • Steven

          It depends on the Android phone. Many people start off with a lower end device and that can easily turn someone off Android for good

        • Odie

          The main benefit of only have a few phones in your lineup is that the OS can be fully optimized. The less RAM can become an issue if a specific app isn’t programmed efficiently, but for the most part, iPhones seem to run ok with less RAM. It’s very similar to consoles vs. PC; the consoles are a closed ecosystem so developers can fully utility every bit of hardware efficiently. PC are generally inefficient compared to consoles because developers have to ensure that their software can work on an almost infinite numbers of configurations.

          I don’t think I’ll ever buy an iPhone, as I love the open nature of Android and the ability to choose from multiple manufacturers, but I can respect some of their choices as it obviously works for them.

          • kh

            More RAM has more to do than with just how smooth your OS runs while being optimized. My Nexus 4 impressed me from the get go with how much multitasking it can do. Granted it is a little long in the tooth now, but still a great phone. That is one failing apple has that no one really talks about. An apple device does not multitask like an android device. Back when we were comparing the Nexus 4 to the iPhone 5 the difference was huge. I hope apple is catching up now that apps can share information, however my nexus 4 can still have 6 apps open in the tray while I bounce between all of them.

        • Paul

          Sorry but your wrong ios apps crash twice as much as Android, this is a fact look it up, hundreds of pages. ios 7 apps crashed twice as much as Android, and now ios 8 is crashing twice as mush as ios 7. How this is a better user experience is beyond me as i used an ipad air recently only to have it crash a few times in the safari browser. I have never had my stock android browser crash like this.

      • Tangent

        Actually that’s simply not true. Check out the results of a report from earlier this year:

        Crash rate by operating system:
        Android (KitKat, Jelly Bean, and Ice Cream Sandwich) – 0.7%
        Android (Gingerbread) – 1.7%
        iOS 7 – 2.1%
        iOS 6 – 2.5%

        Crash rate by device:
        HTC One – 1.2%
        Galaxy S3 – 1.2%
        iPhone 5s – 2%
        iPhone 5 – 1.7%

        • Odie

          Where did you get those figures from? Do you have a link? I’d like to look further into it, just for my own curiosity.

          • Pedling

            Google: crittercism android ios….

          • Paul

            Just do a search ios apps crash twice as much as android, hundreds of pages, and now ios8 is crashing twice as much as ios 7 all over the net its not as stable as Android, its a myth ios is more stable…

        • James

          That’s ridiculous

    • Chris

      The problem is you have a Galaxy S4 and you think that’s indicative of Android as a whole. Samsung’s TouchWiz is the worst skin of all Android flagships.

      • goldenboyrb

        Agreed to the max.. I am so sick of people thinking Android = Samsung. Samsung is developing Tizen at the moment (bet they didn’t know that) It’s just about branding issue, where Samsung is the biggest company. They didn’t even know which phone manufacturer uses android. I’ll let the audience answer that

    • sic

      I think you should change your girlfriend

  • Jake

    What a load of Apple fanboy garbage. Come back to report when you’ve used something other than a Samsung to claim that android always freezes. Android works across a plethora of devices from a variety of manufacturers. It’s lack of smoothness was the only major issue the majority would agree with. As for making silly comments like “nobody uses NFC”, perhaps it would be best to ask someone. I can say I use it all the time, so there goes that theory. I work in retail and see at least 2-5 customers a day paying with their Samsung tap-to-pay. Two major banks in Australia have already implemented it and HCE is being trialled for a bunch of smaller banks as well. I’m pretty sure consumers care that they’re paying exorbitant prices for feature-lacking ‘smart’ phones. Hence the reason Apple sales have shown a decline. Also, take a look at the number of NFC enabled music docks being manufactured recently. Can’t say Apple drives the market anywhere near as much as they did in their pioneering days. Android isn’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot more functional for your standard and power users. People don’t want manufacturer’s restricting what a user can and can’t do with a device they’ve spent hard earned money on. Who owns it exactly?

  • jamal adam

    I think what Apple has finally admitted after years of incremental if little change in screen size is that one size doesn’t fit all. The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are a testament to that fact. We Android user have known this fact for years but at least Apple is finally catching up. Diversity in terms of screen size and custom UI’s have made Android so great and Google’s ability to provide a cohesive and beautiful design language for the OS the past couple of years has provided Android with more smoothness, and a better user experience. Let the battle continue. Can’t wait for Android LMP to be released to the world and the new Nexuses or Nexii.

    • Steven

      Its funny all. My. IPhone friends have laughed at my nexus 5 and said they’d never get a larger phone. Many didn’t like 4 inches. Now they’re not going to have a choice to go. Lower than 4.7…ir really is a huge change for Apple.

  • Vardan

    People you really think that iPhone 6 better then #1 Android devices? If so, then I think you have not played with 4.4. I see huge changes in Kitkat and good changes.

    I have upgraded my Galaxy S4 to 4.4 about 10 days ago and I can say that at least one thing made Kitkat better then previous versions. The battery usage. Before I charged my phone every day, but after 4.4 I do that once a two days, even once a three days.

    Also the peeformance is better too.
    In this 10 days my phone was not hanged or crashed. I’m a developer so I’m using my phone at lease in 80%, so the case that “you don’t use you phone that is why you don’t see issues” not my case.

    • Steven

      It may be different with people posting here but pretty much everyone I know has am iPhone & none have ever used an Android. Many who have used one tears ago or had a lower end device that turned them off for good. Fragmentation is am issue along with the fact that depending on the manufacturer and the skin, you get totally different features and experience. You don’t even know what Android is. I know for my friends, its alot easier to just get a new iPhone every 2 years… No thinking involved. Even showing my nexus 5 features to an apple genius had him shocked. I was trying to find out if iPhone could do certain things because I own a mac & thought it might be time to finally switch. He just kept saying “that’s really cool. Never seen that before.”

  • coffeecore

    People should use an iPhone for a long time, it becomes slow after a while trust me, and with slow I mean reeeeeaaaly slow.

    • Anh Duong

      I totally agree. Majority iphone users should change their phone too soon so they does not realize how slow iPhone could be. I just helped someone reset his 4S and even after that, it was unbelievably slow. It does not lag, it almost freezes. Accessing menu take secondS.

  • nipun

    i owe a nexus 4 and still sometimes use my old galaxy nexus.that phone is morethan 3 yrs old have dropped it numerous times but its 60fps smothness is still der though some apps take time to load and i notice crashes more than earlier but phone is still going .

  • surethom

    I agree with virtually everything, but NFC is best used for paying with things, here in the UK magnetic strips have not been used in over 5 years & contactless payments for the last 2 years but No Bank have added contactless payments to NFC phones.

    Hopefully not Apple is jumping on NFC this will get Banks to sit up & listen & implement NFC payments quicker.

    • SGB101

      I’ve been waiting for visa and Mastercard to make an app for ncf, witch would kill any and all compition and really kick start nfc phone payments.

      And it’s never come, so rightly or wrongly, Apple holds great sway in the world, and this may be what we need to really push this.

      Here in the UK all the chip and pin machines that are replacing the first gen models have nfc built in, you in the US will get nfc anabled machines everywhere ad a side effect of the roll out of chip and pin, over the next 12 month the US will be in a great nfc position.

    • Steven

      I read that Apple won’t charge merchants for using Apple pay. That will encourage them to adopt the platform. Ive never used Google wallet.. I dont know if whatever equipment a retailer needs would work with Android platform as well as Apple

      • Nick Gray

        Google does not use its own standard for Google Wallet. The company uses the tap-to-pay standards that credit card companies have been slowly rolling out for years. No special equipment is required for Apple or Google’s solutions. From a vendor’s perspective, they are the same.

        • Paul

          Exactly, tap to pay way before iphone. And 5 years ago i put my credit card in google wallet, and i have been buying apps and stuff via google wallet. This trickery magic stuff is just being implemented into ios 8 now, life in the slow lane.

  • OldNorseBruin

    Next year The Apple Gulag will revolutionize the industry by…’introducing’ “Expandable Memory via SD cards!”
    iCHUMP for-ever, baby!!!

    • tsany

      This will be mind blowing … (kabooom)

  • Prajyot Mainkar

    I partially agree with post title. hardware features can be implemented anytime by manufacturer. Though some features will take more time to be implemented in Android. Though i am Android Developer at but i love apple too.

  • bruna12

    looks really nice

  • frank uwaila

    I priferer Android devices to iPhone6

  • Chol

    Wow have any of you had or have a galaxy s5? Very smooth Apple is playing a catch up game now. The just invented 5 things that already exist. Big congrats

    • Subx

      Have you put either of the HTC One’s side by side with the S5? If not, do so and you will really see what smooth is! The M7 which is over 1 year old is still smoother than any Galaxy phones including the S5.

      • SGB101

        I own a one m8, sadly i don’t like it. :o(

        Looks pretty, but is buggy as hell.

        sense 6 has little bits that annoys me also. Not really senses fault, it’s just I’m trained in stock and CMs way of doing things.

        I think it will be getting gpe rom sooner rather than later

  • HRD?

    I think you meant “HDR”

  • Steven

    However, Android is losing the PR battle. Look at the fawning media coverage. Its not even only the consumer press (who honestly all have iPhones so are oblivious to the rest of the industry), but also tech press. Bloomberg West was shocking on all its hyperbole. David Muir on ABC was totally ridiculous so excited to see a watch that could tweet or monitor your heart rate… Um, do you even know there are other smartwatches or know about Android Wear? Android doesnt get a fraction of the coverage. Google needs to hire a major pr agency. But some of that coverage was laughable, not putting G any of it in context. To be fair, no one uses Google wallet. The screen size is ironic when Apple execs & users constantly mocked Android screen sizes. Now the 128 is something Android hadn’t done but Apple should have started with a 32gb as default storage. Google should have taken full page ads today in major newspapers & posted youtube video with the iPhone, welcome to 2012 theme so that hopefully that would get some mainstream coverage. Next year, the iPhone likely will be waterproof and that will also be considered a revolutionary innovation that will change the industry.. IPhone may be the best selling smartphone in the USA, but Android still has largest market share, but is virtually ignored by media elite

    • Tangent

      Android has always been on the losing end of the PR battle. Most media is buried up Apple’s ass so far it’s hard to tell if they’ve even edited the press releases when they post reports. You have to keep in mind that most on air reporters are completely vapid airheads that just like the shiny and absolutely adore that Apple gives them such well-written sound bites. Apple isn’t a tech company; they’re a marketing company that happens to sell tech, and it shows.

      “To be fair, no one uses Google wallet.”

      Actually I have, and the only reason I don’t use it much more is the nearly complete lack of places that accept NFC payments. What’s going to be annoying is that’s going to be hugely expanded very shortly and Apple is going to get a whole lot of undeserved credit. Retailers are starting to replace their pay points to prepare for the switchover to chip and pin style credit cards. This new hardware will likely include NFC readers as well. They aren’t installing NFC because Apple finally embraced it, they’re installing it because it’s coming in the new hardware they’re being forced to upgrade to anyway.

      • SGB101

        The latest C&P machines that have been rolling in across the UK over the last few years have nfc, most debit card also have nfc chips to. I’ve been waiting for a visa/Mastercard app for 2 years. Sadly I think we’ve needed apple to enter the nfc to get the push it’s needed.

        Most, if not all C&P machines are on lease, so they will be updated sooner rather than later. As you in the US are rolling out for the first time your likely to leap frogg the UK for 12 months or so.

        • SGB101

          In related news, the London underground oyster nfc system, is now supporting ‘tap and pay’ with phones across all its stations, and I think buses. Taxis also have nfc readers (built into this c&p) so the capital at least is ready to go cash free, and be under complete government control. Lol.

          No ‘fiddling the tax man’ or ‘cash in hand’ , when evey penny is traceable.

    • Paul

      Exactly, there has been over 1 billion Android activations worldwide! ios is pultry in comparison. Yet when apple and its followers do something years after the competition have done it, its called a revoultion. Even the adds here in Australia it says iphone 6 plus biger than big! Promoting it like it has never been done before. Nfc like its been around for years, tap and pay payments. But apple in its wisdom dosent let you do anything else with nfc, A lot like there bluetooth file share of files, there isnt any they took that away from bluetooth! Yet the followers still buy into this God like we want to own everything on the market way of thinking. Every other tech company lets there devices all share and work together seemless. Whith apple i cant even bluetooth a music song to, like i can to a friends android or computer, because they want allow it. Every other company has micro usb as standard it was a industry standard the goverment wanted to stop wastage! but apple let you pay $30 to buy there properitary cable , they got by regulations by leting micro usb be attached if necessary! But you the customer pay for this! when the world standard is micro and now theres reversable usb micro like apples own cable so i wouldnt buy into this crap..

  • JffTheBeardedBeast

    unfortunately we live in a day and age that numbers on a sheet are exalted. those “raw” specifications mean nothing in reality. anyone who actually uses multiple device platforms and has real world experience knows this.

    it’s simple mindedness that pins Apple against Android and vice versa. a true lover of all thing technological will know that specs aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be, not all the time at least. yes they’re fun talking points but those features mean nothing without practical application.

    Apple used to dictate the market.they used to set the standards. and a lot of cases they still do. but in regards to the ‘Spec war’. they dont all the time. but they’re not trying to. Android device manufacturers cram as much state of the art components into their next gen devices but rarely optimize them and the software to all work together fluidly and efficiently.

    it hasn’t been until the last year or so that Android Manufacturers started to have solid battery life on more than a handful of phones. in addition, Device manufacturers UI and UX are usually pretty terrible. i mean Touch Wiz? garbage.

    Android is dictating the market it now. hands down. that’s why Apple is moving to larger displays, they have to. and i wont even talk about resolution since that is subjective. retina display’s density (by experience) is great. 720p displays are fantastic, 1080p. superb. all are delicious.

    the ultra HD on the G3, well watch all the reviews on it, everyone says the same. it looks great with content created for it but at that size it isn’t terribly obvious. it’s just another marketing point for LG.

    Apple’s new payment system is more than just the act of paying via NFC. that’s not the selling point. it’s Apple Pay as a whole that blows google wallet, paypal, etc. out of the water.

    im not going to get into the other details of what Android had before Apple and what Apple does better, etc. the fact is, Apple makes solid, reliable products. Android is starting to make solid reliable products.

    the force between them both is benefiting us, the consumer, because it’s forcing both sides to change and keep up.

    Apple is aware they’re not the king of the market anymore. they have to battle, and that’s a good thing.

  • Johan

    I’ve started getting sick of all these comments trying to shoot down the new Iphone 6 and 6 Plus, let alone Apple themselves.
    Come on, guys. Read the actual article. The guy here is comparing several features of the Iphone 6, to multiple Android devices??? Okay, I see that >android< people have been benefitting from these features for some time, but I don't see which android phone has ALL of these features?
    This is like saying a BMW is way overpriced, because in a specific model of Ford I would get aircondition cheaper, in a specific model of Volkswagen I would get the cruise control cheaper and in a specific model of Audi I would get the bigger motor cheaper? And just because Audi invented sunroof doesn't mean it isn't okay for BMW to start including this feature in their cars???
    I mean surely, everybody carrying a smartphone must know the concept called quality?! NO, Apple didn't invent these features, and no one has every claimed they did! But who are you to say that no one is allowed to compete with an Android phone?
    Leave the Apple lovers be! Why is it not okay to think cola is better than pepsi? Wouldn't it be a boring world if everyone was carrying an HTC ONE?
    Wouldn't it be a boring world if everybody's favorite color was blue?…

    • Tangent

      “The guy here is comparing several features of the Iphone 6, to multiple Android devices???”

      He’s only comparing the iPhone 6 to the Android devices that were the *first* to have them. To use your analogy, it’s more like BMW unveiling a car with the new features of air conditioning, cruise control, and built in navigation and then pointing out that Packard first installed A/C in 1939, the first car with modern cruise control was the 1958 Imperial, and the first car with factory navigation was the 1990 Acura Legend. In the mean time, *everybody* except BMW in this example has integrated those features for years. Even though he compared this one iPhone with multiple Android devices, you’d almost be hard pressed to find an Android from the last year that didn’t have all of them in it’s one package.

      “Wouldn’t it be a boring world if everyone was carrying an HTC ONE?
      Wouldn’t it be a boring world if everybody’s favorite color was blue?…”

      That’s one of the biggest points Android lovers have. You can get a Samsung Note 4 with it’s huge screen, an HTC One Remix with it’s smaller screen, a Moto X with it’s customizable shell, a Droid Maxx with its huge battery, a Kyocera Torque that’s been ruggedized, etc… With current models you have screen size options of 4, 4.5, 4.7, 5, 5.2, 5.5, 5.7, 6. Meanwhile with the iPhone you’ve historically been free to choose what? To get one or not? Then you got to choose a black one or white one. Now they’ve gone all the way up the option of 2 screen sizes; 4.7 and 5.5.

      The reason so many Android users get tweaked with Apple is the recurring and aggravating tendency of them and their users to claim recycled tech and features as original inventions. If you hit them with prior examples in the Android world you always get the spiel that Apple does it *so* much better. With that attitude, it’s kinda fun to point and snicker at them when they get wound up and peeing all over themselves with excitement when they’re given features we’ve enjoyed for years.

    • kevooh

      My over one year old HTC one m7 has all those features

    • Paul

      Johan its just the plain stupidity of some people, 2 of my friends who have iphones, one of them recently said to the other one in coversation while i was there that hes a bit unhappy about a lot of apples limitations, he said i might just buy one of those other phones. His friend said without no knowledge what so ever, your not going to buy one of those xhit things are you. Seriously i have been to every tech show since i was 13 i grew up going to the tip to find old radios to salavge so i could build another better one! So this mindless thing who would not even know what a soldering iron was said Oh one of those xhit things. I use Android as it works best for me, Its just the mentality of some iphone people that seem to be plain stupid about anything tech! and yet really know nothing.

  • Prabhakar

    Seriously… you don’t have any imagination… You haven’t listed all the features and compared instead you have a silly mind which does nothing but compares few aspects which you already have… don’t forget where you got the inspiration, using hand gestures when everyone around you were using sticks… Copycat android which got inspired from all core stuffs which make them only competitor (we are mobile developers on both Android and iPhone and we know what is what)…

    Its completely an amateur comments, android lovers keep praising… btw, its not HRD selfie, its HDR selfie… we know what kind of security we get from google… all you have is a device which is hacker friendly… Period.

  • Hil

    You’d think some of you were being paid by these companies with the amounts of fervor and bravado displayed here. In the end, it’s irrelevant who did what first. All that matters in the end user experience, and Apple has Android beat in that arena hands down. IOS is easy, clean and straightforward. Take a child under five, and a tech illiterate senior citizen and give them an android and apple device, and see which one they find the easiest to use. I own both an iPhone and a Galaxy S4, and although I dig the customizability of the Samsung, I often find myself wishing it was as clean and streamlined as IOS. As far as NFC, so Apple is late to the game, but I guarantee you they’ll be the one to blow it up and make it as commonplace as using your card is today. Android has had it for years, and what have they done with it? Apple will standardize it. That’s what they do, and undeniably, that’s what they’re good at.

  • MitchRapp81

    I see that most sites mention NFC as a payment function – but it’s much much more than that. In Canada, there’s no Wallet or any other NFC type payment yet except on VERY SELECT machines (from TD Bank) and VERY SELECT (read: shitty Samsung) phones. NFC is awesome for sharing websites, videos, pics, contacts, apps, just about anything. I use it daily with other Android and Blackberry users and there’s always that one iPhone guy at the office wondering why he can’t see this youtube clip I’m sharing around… :( Join the party!

  • elsin

    When I was listening to the radio, they where talking about the new iphone features was that the iphone 6 would charge through your wifi connection.

  • efcos

    IMHO, the conversation about how android phones have had these features for years just says how better Apple is at what they do. From how they design and launch features to how they market them. And yes, it’s all about how you do those things.

    • Dustin

      Exactly. This is why abdroids are know to crash.

  • Dustin

    Jesus Christ, if we aren’t bickering over how the ps4 is better than the xbox we complain about phones. Stupid. iPhones are great and from the looks of it everything but the NFC payments has been around even before the stupid androids. Get over it find a hobbie and stop bitching. Enjoy you’re up to date androids before the crash.

  • Nick

    It’s funny reading all of these comments about how apple is just now doing this and yet I’m sure majority of you are one sided and have bias comments. I have had both apple and android devices. In fact I started out with an Android. I major in computer science. Comparing the two devices the battery life I androids is terrible. That barely even matters though, you can charge it. Regardless of those pointless reports, because not everything is released, my iphone has never crashed. And if it has it has been so minimal I cannot recall. My android on the other hand was crashing left and right and trust me I know how to take care of a device.
    All of this is a matter of opinion though so let’s go into facts.
    Android is so much better right? Has anyone looked into how poor of a company android/Samsung is? You defend them and state they are better than apple however apple sued them and won 1.5 billion dollars because android stole apples technology. Go ahead look it up. Oh and all of your purchases for android devices, apple gains a percentage of those sales.

    So android can come out with this in one device and this in another oh and this in another but apple is doing it all in one device and they Aren’t stealing any technology nor will they be paying billions to android.

  • jbelkin

    It is the way Android fans see it but the reality is different. Do Android fans think Chilli’s make the best burger, after all, it’s round meat on bread, right? Right? How could you possibly improve on that? Right? Or you drop a fiberglass shell on a Camry to make it look like a Ferrari but it doesn’t make it so. Or you marry a person by seeing their photo on a dating site … that’s Android, a listing of components. If that’s ALL you care about, an Android phone is an acceptable $29 photo mockup of an iPhone. But if you want a device with world class design and BUILD, world class software that is designed specifically for this device as opposed to copied or just purchased to get it on a checklist, and of course an ecosystem of touch ID, itunes and a secure app store … plus FREE INSTORE support around the world for the lifetime of your device, there is only one phone that EVERYONE copies the look of. The iPhone. It’s your money, if you don’t need a leading phone or one that functions seamlessly, an android phone is an acceptable copy at $29 – just don’t pay much more than that. If anything, this chart just shows how limited the vision of Android fans – they’ve been conditioned to accept a minimal listing as all you need in life.

  • Bobby K

    May the battle never end. As an android and iOS user, the idea that one platform gains a total monopoly is not a good one. Competition is good for us the consumer and my support is for both to succeed so we all win.

  • KT

    Having had both Android and iphones over the years, the couple things that I must admit Apple does better: (1) when an iPhone goes on sale, there are lines galore and it is a major event … never seen a line for any Android; and (2) blogs dedicated for Apple are constantly high jacked by Android-lovers/IPhone-haters … so I wonder why Android-lovers spend so much time reading posts about IPhone? If Android is so ‘great’ why not simply post one’s love of Android devices on Android sites and leave iPhone sites to those who are only interested in Apple products?

  • Cumulonimbus

    That’s great you guys. I’m an apple guy and yes you’re ahead of my apple guys but so what. Apple is still more well known than Samsung and breaking their own records with sales. If I’m chosen to run a company. I choose Apple any day. 10 million iphone 6′s sold in 72 hours! It’s all about sales Android fans. Apple any day. I’m so tired of Android people talking crap about stupid, Samsung and they’re the ones always talking crap first. I don’t give a crap what anyone has. I like Apple and Samsung fans don’t like it. So fucking what. It’s like no other entertainment act in history will be better known or more popular than the Beatles. That’s like Apple. Samsung and Android can try their best but they will never be more popular than Apple. Thank you.