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App review: Don’t Break My Disc

Don't Break My Disc

In our lives, we spend 2-3 years of our life time waiting. Not doing anything else, just waiting. But imagine if you were able to use those times to relieve a bit of stress? Just carving out small blocks of your time to help unwind and let your stress go. That’s where great games like Don’t Break My Disc come in. They exist to let you fill up those little gaps of time with something that’s fun and lets you relax for a bit. Don't Break My Disc Screenshot (1)

Don’t Break My Disc is a very simple game that offers a great balance of fun and challenge. The premise of the game is simple, you control a disc that you can’t allow to be broken. When you begin playing, you’re put into an arena with walls around the edges and your disc in the center. From around the edges, other discs will come hurtling towards yours in an attempt to break it.

The controls take a bit of getting used to, but are actually quite intuitive. Tapping on any side of your disc will send it flying in the opposite direction. For example, tapping under your disc will send it up the screen, tapping on the right of it will send it left, etc. When another disc comes toward yours, you tap in a direction that will send your disc on a course to avoid it.

The concept sounds easy. At least on paper. In reality, the game presents a surprising amount of challenge. The enemy discs come quickly and from multiple directions and you have to constantly calculate what the best course for your disc is. To add even more of a challenge, portions of the walls disappear as the game progresses, causing you to not only watch out for enemy discs, but also to make sure that your disc doesn’t soar off of the map. Don't Break My Disc Screenshot (2)

Simple as the controls are, the game does require two hands. Or more particularly, two thumbs. It takes some skill to really excel at the game, but if you’re willing to put the time into it, you can move up through the ranking system in the game. Don’t Break My Disc posts your high score onto a leader board, viewable from inside the game, so you can work to be competitive if you wish.

Even though it isn’t the easiest game around, Don’t Break My Disc is still at the level where it makes for a great time wasting game. If you have a bit of time to kill, or perhaps just want to play a game that’s both fun and challenging, Don’t Break My Disc is definitely one to download.


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