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Trustlook Antivirus and Security review

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As smartphones continue to grow into the world’s leading computing platform, online security and malware on Android have become issues some users are forced to face. If you’re looking for a complete solution to managing your device, your privacy and your online security, look no further than Trustlook Antivirus and Security.

Screenshot_2Certified by, Trustlook is much more than a simple antivirus scanner. It’s an entire suite of services aimed at keeping your device secure. When you first start Trustlook you’ll be asked to sign up for an account with your email, Facebook or Google account. You can use the app without doing this, but there are some key features that you will want an account for in the long run. Once you get settled into the app, there are several main features you can easily access right off the bat.

The first thing you will probably do, as it’s the most prominently featured action, is scan your device. This will scan your apps to look for anything fishy. On my Nexus 7 that only took a minute or two. If Trustlook finds anything flagged as unhealthy, you can decide on how to act on the app from there. You can either uninstall it or choose to ignore if you think Trustlook drummed up a false positive.

Also available on the home page for Trustlook is a Data feature, for backing up contacts, call logs and SMS messages; the Privacy Manager for viewing and managing what apps have been granted what kind of access on your device — for example, you can see which apps are tracking your location and have access to your contacts, sorted by installed and system apps; there’s an Apps list for uninstalling and managing your apps; and there’s a Device feature which shows you how you can manage your device from

Screenshot_6The device function, which requires a premium subscription obtained by simply recommending the app to two of your friends via email, offers a way to remotely manage your device from the web. By going to My.Trustlook.Com, you have the ability to locate your device on a map, sound an alarm, lock or unlock your device, and completely wipe it if you believe it’s fallen into the wrong hands.

Other features in the Trustlook app include an SD card scanner, a task manager, a news center for information on the latest security concerns, and a web security hub. The web security hub allows you to turn on web security warnings for websites that contain security risks, adult material, kid unfriendly content, finance content like gambling sites and just plain spam. The settings menu, available in the about section, is short. You can enable or disable optimization mode, deep scans and adware warnings.

No amount of security suites can completely protect reckless users, but education combined with a comprehensive app like Trustlook will keep your device secure and free from nasty malware. Free or paid, Trustlook is one of the best Android device security suites we’ve used. Check it out by downloading using the widget below.


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