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Android Wear ASUS ZenWatch unveiled at IFA


ASUS kicked things off at IFA today by announcing its first Android Wear device – the ASUS ZenWatch. Similar to other Android Wear smartwatches, the ASUS ZenWatch is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragfon 400 SoC, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage and features a 1.6-inch AMOLED display.

The ASUS ZenWatch is built with stainless steel and is paired with a tan leather strap and an ASUS-branded fastener. The ZenWatch isn’t as eye-catching as the Moto 360, but it does look a lot better than the first-gen devices released by Samsung and LG. ASUS has designed the ZenWatch to be splash proof, so be sure to take it off if you’re going for a swim. 

The main features of the ASUS ZenWatch are tied to the Android Wear platform, but the company has also added in a few new tricks which enhance the watch’s functionality. The watch features a build-in phone finder, desktop presentation controls and can even silence your phone by placing your hand over the face of the watch. The  ZenWatch can also act as a remote for your smartphone camera and can be customized with more than one hundred different watch faces.

The Asus ZenWatch will go on sale before Christmas and will sell for â‚¬199 in Europe, £199 in the UK, giving the watch a $260 price tag with a straight currency conversion. 

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  • Vance

    They’re getting better… Still going to wait to see what HTC comes up with.

  • Nigel

    Not waterproof?



  • Dirty Budha

    I agree, “splash proof” is ridiculous. No thank you.

  • alexanderharri3

    While no one will be taking the device for a swim (even waterproof electronics you wouldn’t be doing that), a waterproof spec would be preferable in the case of an accidental spill or downpour. The price point is far better than the competitors assuming a $199 US price point. They’re getting closer but devices are companions for smartphones and cost more than 1/3 of the whole smartphone.

    I’m most interested in battery life.

  • thel0nerang3r

    For me, smart watches are in the category of “you need to try it for yourself”, I don’t think reviews do it justice. At this price, it is in in my price range of trying it out, I’ve spend more money on useless junk before.