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SwiftKey announces new beta channel, beta release, and 13 new Indian languages


Wednesday evening SwiftKey, the extremely popular 3rd party keyboard, sent out an email to the SwiftKey VIP Community members inviting them to join their new dedicated Google Group for SwiftKey beta testing. Today, they announced and released their latest beta update to version 5.1.

Previously, SwiftKey has used several different methods for distributing the beta versions of their app such as exclusive distribution through their VIP community and then directly from their website. Now, they’re conforming to Google’s suggested method of using the official beta channel to release the test versions. Interestingly, they are keeping the beta app separate from their non-beta SwiftKey. The downside? You’ll have two versions of SwiftKey taking up space on your phone. The upside? If the beta version is unstable, it’s really easy to switch to the stable release.

According to SwiftKey’s latest blog post regarding today’s beta release, SwiftKey is working hard to bring support to their Indian users. This latest release adds thirteen new Indian languages and even includes a very special Diwali theme to mark the upcoming festival. It feels like fantastic timing with this release for SwiftKey coinciding closely with the release of Android One in India. Having 3rd party keyboard options are awesome. And in my opinion, it doesn’t get better than SwiftKey.Indian-languages-swiftkey

In addition to the new Indian languages, Swiftkey is testing other updates with this beta release. They write, “We have also changed the SSL certificate handling to increase robustness of the secure connections used for SwiftKey Cloud’s Backup & Sync services. Finally we have made the installer quicker by replacing the popup EULA with links at the bottom of the page. Rest assured, we continue internally to push forward with our biggest priority for users – enhancing the overall performance of SwiftKey Keyboard.”

If you’re on the hunt for some Indian language support, or you just want to get in on the SwiftKey beta fun, the steps are fairly simple.

  1. Join this Google Group.
  2. Under the “Ready to start testing?” heading, follow the instructions there or follow the link here to become a tester.
  3. Once you’re a tester, follow the links to the play store or visit the listing here.

Have you run beta versions of SwiftKey in the past? Are you excited about them joining Google’s official beta channel? Are you going to run it now? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Source: SwiftKey Blog

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