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Taco Bell introduces mobile ordering from new Android app


Taco Bell’s marketing department should be proud of itself. It’s not easy to establish your company as authentically cool, but it sure seems like Taco Bell is pulling it off. One of the ways Taco Bell is staying ahead of the curve is by utilizing technology in fun and convenient ways. It has some of the best social media posts on the Internet, and now one of the best apps on Android.

Taco Bell announced today what they are calling mobile ordering. The new service was launched alongside a new smartphone app that allows fans of Taco Bell to complete entire orders from the Taco Bell app, after which they can simply stop into a store and pick it up. The app doesn’t just allow you to order off the menu, though; you can totally customize your order, save frequent orders, view the nutrition information for whatever you create and eventually participate in a loyalty program that will presumably get you free Taco Bell (not as cool as that weird coin game Taco Bell always has in the lobby, but still).

To download the new Taco Bell app with mobile ordering, use the download widget below. And please take this opportunity to tell us what your favorite Taco Bell item is in the comments below. I’ll take a Doritos taco with chicken, extra cheese and lava sauce. Great, now, I’m hungry.


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  • Mike

    They call it fast food for a reason