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Twitter token limit takes another app, Talon Classic has been unpublished


We all know about Twitter’s token limitations by now. Twitter allows third party apps around 100,000 tokens, and when the limit is reached, the app can no longer accept new users. While we can agree it’s a ridiculous limit, it’s all too real and many great apps have been abandoned because continuing development for them was no longer worth it.

Talon for Twitter, my personal app of choice, is the latest to hit this limit. The developer has unpublished this app from the Play Store to keep people from buying it, so if you’re not a Talon user, it’s too late. However, there’s a heap of good news to go along with this.

The developer recently released a new, separate version of this app specifically for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Since it’s separate, it has a new token limit and those with Lollipop can buy it and keep using this fantastic app. And with Lollipop not far off, whoever hasn’t had a chance to use Talon will get that chance soon enough.

This also means that, since development continues on the new version of Talon, the developer is committing to keeping the old version updated. It’s still on the Play Store for those who have purchased it, and it will be getting new features alongside the new version. So despite the token limit, the app is still very much alive. Plus, the classic version will soon be open sourced. So through a bleak situation comes great news. If you’re using Talon for Twitter, you’ll be fine.

Source: +Luke Klinker

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