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A rundown of the Motorola Nexus 6

Motorola Nexus 6

In a swath of announcements this morning, Google announced the Motorola Nexus 6, the latest smartphone to be graced with the Nexus name. Much like leaks predicted, the Nexus 6 is essentially an upscaled Moto X running stock Android. But that doesn’t mean that there’s not plenty to cover, as the phone has received some boosts in specs. Let’s dive in and see what the Motorola Nexus 6 has to offer.

The Motorola Nexus 6 features a build similar to the 2014 Moto X. It has a plastic back with aluminum sides, providing a comfortable feel in the hand. Two color options of Midnight Blue and Cloud White will be offered. The Nexus 6′s display has expanded to 5.92 inches in size and has a QHD resolution of 2560×1440. It also happens to be AMOLED and is made with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The front also features extremely narrow bezels and front-facing speakers.

Buried ‘neath that shell is a specs list including a 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, Adreno 420 GPU, 32GB/64GB storage and a 3,220mAh battery with Turbo Charging capabilities. The rear camera has a resolution of 13-megapixels and comes with optical image stabilization, an LED ring flash, 4K video capture and an f/2.0 aperture.

The Nexus 6 runs Android 5.0 Lollipop, making it completely up to date on the software front. Google will be selling the device unlocked through the Play Store and it will also be available through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. The off-contract price for the 32GB is $649 while the 64GB model will set you back $699.

Google will open pre-orders in late October and the phone will ship in November. T-Mobile will begin selling the device in-stores and online beginning November 12. US Cellular gave a November timeframe for the device while Sprint indicated that it would arrive in the coming weeks. AT&T and Verizon have yet to disclose anything on pricing or availability.

Motorola Nexus 6 Nexus 6 (4) Nexus 6 (3) Nexus 6 (2)

Source: Google Nexus

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  • vforvortex

    Once you get over that bitter taste left by the sticker price , especially since we have been spoiled by the Nexus 4 and 5 prices, we can start to appreciate this phone much more. the specs on this device is just amazing. cant wait to see Android L 5.0 running on it.

  • Cesar

    I was sold until I saw the price…. No nexus for me I guess…

  • TheDude

    Take my Money!!! I can’t wait!

  • BlazeHN

    Options for the price pickeys who want devices with great specs but low prices:

    -Nexus 5
    -OnePlus One

  • Jonathan

    It’s 5.96′

  • prashant wosti

    $699 is a turnoff. come on.. see Oneplus One, it’s so cheap with almost same hardware as Nexus 6. and did they kill Nexus 4 this time?

  • Richard

    Funny seeing people complain about the price. MOST people in NZ buy phones out of contract, so they can switch companies with them as they please. All this $99 phones rubbish with plans.. you have no idea how wacky America really is!

  • WR
  • Katy

    I would prefer to buy cloud white color. The specs seems impressive like 5.92 inch QHD display along with 3220mAh battery that once fully charged on qi wireless charger enable its users to explore more apps and features without worry about battery status.