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Android L for the Samsung Galaxy S5 given an early preview

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is almost assuredly going to be updated to Android L. The problem is, we don’t know when that update is going to come. Fortunately for the more impatient among us, we don’t have to wait to get an early preview of what that update will look like.

SamMobile has gotten hold of an early build of Android L for the Samsung Galaxy S5 — build LRW58J — that gives us an idea of how Samsung is planning to tweak Android L for its own hardware. Some aspects of Android L remain unchanged from the build that we previewed earlier this year, including notifications on the lock screen and Heads-Up Notifications for things like incoming calls and the like.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung has customized many aspects of Android L as well. Some of those tweaks are white user interface makeovers for Samsung’s TouchWiz apps a reduction in the number of Android L lock screen notifications from four to two.

SamMobile says that the build of Android L that it’s showing off is too buggy to be used as a daily driver, so it’s not going to make it available to us all. The site has shared a number of screenshots of the update, though, as well as a hands-on video that you can find below.

Overall the Galaxy S5’s Android L update looks like a nice mix of vanilla Android L and TouchWiz, which isn’t surprising. Of course, it’s worth noting that the update’s official launch is likely still a ways out, so there are sure to be more design tweaks and performance improvements to come.

What do you think of Samsung’s flavor of Android L so far?

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  • Android Lame

    UI is disgusting

  • John

    The fact that the Play Store icon doesn’t line up with the base of Email, Camera, and Google is driving me insane. Otherwise it seems okay. Perhaps a bit flashy, but still in line with Android L and Material.

  • elijahblake

    Touchwiz butchers Android!

  • AR

    This is why I’ll only get a Nexus or switch to ios. With all the Android skins, you don’t know what you’re getting or what is Android. Its too confusing. Every phone works differently. And if Nexus 6 is indeed a shamu sized phone, I think I’ll finally bite the bullet, get an iPhone & enjoy a terrific camera for once. I’m sure there’ll be features I’ll miss, maybe many, but I’ll survive. No one in my family and none of my close friends use Androids anyway. Sounds like it will simplify my life in so many ways. And I got a Mac as a gift… And the idea of having support from real live people at a store vs Android glitches would be a relief too

    • R

      Go and get your iPhone AR. You know you want to. Meanwhile, I’m sticking with Android as I get more bangs for my bucks and Android suits me better than iOS.

  • Tony T

    I’ve never liked the Touch wiz UI. Its too messy, its like the designers were ok with drawing outside of the lines.

    I really need a phablet though… And the multi-app use looks great.

    Does anyone know if the multi app window works with the Google Now launcher installed on the latest phones?

    I know “why don’t you wait for a Nexus?” But the Nexus line usually cuts corners somewhere.

  • holy cow thats

    fugly fugly fugly