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Carl Zeiss puts VR One headset up for pre-order, $99 pricetag

Carl Zeiss VR One

Carl Zeiss has announced its entrance into the virtual reality headset market with the VR One, a virtual reality headset targeted squarely at Samsung’s Gear VR. The VR One is a headset that requires a smartphone to be anything but a paperweight. Smartphones of sizes between 4.7 and 5.2-inches can slide into the VR One via specific trays, enabling you to take advantage of the cool things that virtual reality can do.

At launch, trays for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 will be available, but Zeiss has said that trays compatible with other smartphones will be rolling out soon. Each VR One comes with a single tray and additional trays can be purchased for $10 each. The VR One itself is new to the market, and thus has little software support yet. Currently, you can use it to watch 3D movies, navigate through street view, cycle through images and use an augmented reality program. Fortunately, the VR One is open-source so that developers can build software and functionality for it.

The VR One is now up for pre-order from Carl Zeiss and the price is set at $99. Hit the source link below to pick one up for yourself and let us know if you do!

Via: Android Central

Source: Carl Zeiss

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  • BlazeHN

    Wow, this is very interesting and a nice alternative to the very restrictive Galaxy Gear VR which only works with the Note 4 and requires you to spend $800 + $200, whooping $1000 to try.

    • Chris

      Your figures are way off. The Samsung Gear VR will only retail for about $200… so I have no idea where you got that figure from. You just have to use your own phone.. but this product also requires you to use your own phone… so in essence.. there is only about a $100 difference in price.

      • Steve McArthur

        Where can I (or you) get a Galaxy Note 4 for $200 no strings attached? It’s $200 for the Gear VR and $800 for the Note 4.

        • Chris

          The Samsung Gear VR requires you to have your own phone. The Carl Zeiss unit ALSO REQUIRES that you own your own phone. If you already own a Galaxy Note 4 then your question is irrelevant. If you don’t already own a Note 4, then you’ll need to purchase one for the Samsung Unit. If you buy the Carl Zeiss VR unit, you will NEED TO buy a cell phone. The only difference is… Samsung’s unit appears to, at the moment, require a Samsung Phone and this one seems to allow you to use any brand… So my previous comment is still correct in that there’s really only a $100 difference in price.

          • BlazeHN

            At my country (an many non USA countrys aswel) you have to purchase the phone full price, many USA people buy them like that too. Considering the Note 4 is about to launch you WILL have to make a purchase of phone (very expensive one btw) + the headset to try the Galaxy Gear VR, while in the other hand for the Carl Zeiss you will spend $100 and you already existing 4.7 and 5.2″ phone (you will have one if you are buying this) to try their VR solution.

            So in resumen, in the practical world, for a lot of people the amount of money spend to try the Galaxy VR will be a burst around $1000 while for trying the Carl Zeiss will be $100.

        • Chris

          Also, since a huge majority of people get their phones with contracts, the Galaxy Note 4 is only $299 for those customers… not $800.

          • Steve McArthur

            Your logic is bunk. If someone ends up with their Note 4 being inoperable for whatever reason (got crushed or whatever), what is the cost to replace it? ~$800. The subsidized price you pay to a carrier does not matter because you pay the balance as part of your contract.

            Your argument is as stupid as saying you got a $500,000 house for $50,000 because that’s how much you paid for the down-payment and you mortgaged the balance. Or that you got a brand new car for $0 because you took out a car loan for the entire value of the car.

            Regardless of how much you pay up-front, you are bearing the entire cost one way or the other.

          • SGB101

            Lol, the price of the phone isn’t £200, it actually ends up being more over the contact period, the it would if you bought the phone outright to begin with.

            You pay the extra for the conveniance of paying off the total (plus intest) over 24 months.

            Moto g (v2) plus this =sub $300 all in, would make a great entry into vr.

          • reddragonman

            So the cell phone companies actually have you fooled, and you truly believe you’re getting a $800 phone for $299??? The bigger point is that the VR One has flexibility that the Galaxy Gear VR does not, in that you can bring a cheaper phone once different trays become available. So either way, you’re saving money by going with the VR One solution.

    • HomerS66

      The VR Experience with the Gear VR and Note 4 is much much better than on the VR One + iphone 6/S5.

      The special part about the Gear VR is that the VR experience comes close to the Oculus Rift but without having to be connected to a pc via cables.

      The VR One is just another version of VR headsets like Google Cardboard (plastic version) and Durovis Dive, which are already on the market and cost even less.

  • brown snow

    Carl Zeiss and St Louis beat San Francisco

  • Chris

    It seems some of you are completely missing the point… and are being ignorant.

    #1: re BLAZEHN

    Your argument is if you don’t have a Galaxy Note 4 phone you’d have to purchase it.. But you conveniently left out the fact that if you don’t have any smart phone at all (say you are using a 6 year old dumb phone)… you would have to buy a smart phone anyway… that was the point I was trying to make… the way you were saying it made the comparison UNFAIR… because you were arguing Buying Note 4 vs. Using Any Current Android Phone… instead of Buying Note 4 vs. Buying New Android (any) Phone… That was the point I was making…


    What you said is even more illogical. Your argument is if your Note 4 gets damaged you would have to replace it.. WHAT?? Dude, if Any phone gets damaged.. you would have to replace it. If you owned an LG phone… are you saying you will magically have one appear in your bedroom? I have no idea what you are talking about… and damaged phones have nothing to with this topic.

    It’s always strange how people only want to hear and see what they want.

    • BlazeHN

      Dude you are being ignorant of my point as well, there is a reason why I stated “in a practical world” I am referring of how much money “the average user interested on this headsets” would have to spend right now to experience each of the VR devices:

      1) Most people interested on Carl Zeiss headset won’t have to buy a phone to try it (since its most likely that they already have a phone on their pocket right now). Total money spent right now to try the Carl Zeiss VR experience: $100

      2) On the other hand 100% of the people people will have to obligatory buy the Galaxy Gear AND the Galaxy Note 4 to try the Samsung VR solution Total money spent right now to try the Samsung VR experience: $200 + $800 = $1,000

      Is that hard too see? It’s a practical current world example of how much money you will burn from your wallet right now to try each VR solution, not a “fair” comparison about how much you will spend (spent on already bought phones) on each of the two combos.


      • Chris

        I understand.. and I apologize if I seemed defensive. I was just simply saying it’s better to be fair when comparing something..

        • BlazeHN

          Whoa, a person apologizing over the interwebz. This kind of gentlemens are very rare to be seen and deserves all the honors since it proves they are very intelligent and civilized persons. Respect!

          I also apologize for trying to impose my point even when everyone see things different.


  • aranea

    If they have a tray for Oneplus one I’m in.

  • Rhy

    While this looks promising, carmack did all kinds of special hardware tweaks on the note 4 just for vr. Don’t disregard that fact.