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Champagne gold Moto 360 makes a brief appearance on Amazon


The Moto 360 is arguably the best looking smartwatch to date. With the still fairly unique round face and classic watch looks it is the first smartwatch that doesn’t immediately out itself as such.

We are fans of both the black and silver models, but there is one other color that springs to mind when you think of fine watches and that of course is gold. Last night a champagne gold version of the Moto 360 showed up on Amazon with a shipping date of 1-2 months, but it was pulled from the store earlier this morning. You may remember that back in September Motorola accidentally slipped a gold Moto 360 into one of their promo images, so we have known that this was coming, but the when remained a mystery.

There were two variants of the champagne gold Moto 360 listed, one with a thinner 18mm metal band and the other a 23mm metal band. While the watch itself remains unchanged, the smaller band would unquestionably be welcomed by women interested in picking up a smartwatch without having to deal with a bulky band.

Considering the rapid takedown they clearly aren’t quite ready to put the gold version on your wrist, but it would seem safe to assume that they are trying to get these out there before the holidays. To be clear the watch is merely champagne gold colored and according to the listings will go for the same $299 as the other Moto 360s with metal bands.

For those of you that aren’t fans of the metal watch bands there was also a new “cognac” brown leather band shown with the existing silver Moto 360. This has also since been taken down.

I’m glad to see Motorola continuing to expand their offerings with the Moto 360. It is a real showpiece for Android Wear and the software updates since launch have greatly improved the experience. Were any of you holding out for a gold Moto 360?

Via: Phandroid

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  • Trobing

    The perfect companion for my Cognac leather Moto X. Hmmm

  • Ed ri

    Nice.. getting one of these

  • Andre

    HOLY $H!T!!! That is GORGEOUS!!!!! Besides the fact that it’s AndroidWear, I’d buy that watch just because! Now I want to wait and get that one!