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First HTC Nexus 9 hands-on video hits the web


The Nexus 9′s retail debut is still a few weeks out, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to watch the first hands-on video of Google’s latest Nexus tablet. S Channel managed to spend some quality time with the Nexus 9 and put together a three and a half minute video that shows off the tablets design and what Android 5.0 Lollipop looks like on an 8.9-inch device.

We know quite a few of you are bummed that Google isn’t putting out a new 7-inch tablet this year, but we feel the Nexus 9 may be the perfect size now that the average smartphone isn’t much smaller than a 7-inch device.

Via: HTC Source

Source: S Channel

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  • Elizabeth

    I think my new iPad mini is much better.

  • Rand W.

    I wish they would offer a 64 GB version. 32 GB is okay, but a 16 GB is way too little. Plus, if they had offered the 32 and 64 (instead of 16/32), at the same price points, hmmmm?

  • ALee101

    I can’t believe they went with a 4:3 screen. I am not interested in going back in time. That 1980′s screen ratio is a point that I have used to make fun of numerous iPads.

    • Marksheen

      lol no kidding

      I remember when everyone said the ipad 4:3 was stupid but i guess its now becasue its google thats pretty much the vibe i get from this site filled with sheep

    • Follow the leader is a strategy, they are following market leader Apple with the iPad.
      4:3 is for better browsing they said, its for better readability they said, its just better they said

  • Tommy

    I think 16gb is useless today.

    It looks a lot like my wife’s iPad air, but I guess its what’s inside that counts, right? Definitely think I’m getting one. So long iPad Air. Nice not using you, since everything else we have is android(stupid wife).

    Oh yeah, and I don’t know if that crazy whistle music made me happier or want to punch my mown face…

  • Neale

    I don’t speak Chinese, or whatever language the video is in. Very strange to see this on an English speaking website.

    • rank

      If you can read English it isn’t an issue. derr

  • Jersey

    This video is a week old.

  • alfred wong

    it’s in thai language