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French company Iliad cuts off talks to purchase T-Mobile US


Iliad, the French company that was recently looking to purchase T-Mobile US, has officially ended its effort to purchase T-Mo. Several companies have attempted to purchase T-Mobile US since its resurgence in the market. Iliad was one of the more prominent players, and for a while it seemed as though the deal would possibly go through. But it appears that the deal has failed and Iliad will no longer seek to purchase T-Mobile US.

Iliad initially offered to purchase a 56.6 percent stake in T-Mobile US for $15 billion in cash. The offer was rejected, but Iliad came back this month and offered $36 per share for 67 percent of the company. It appears, however, that this latest deal has also been declined, with T-Mobile US remaining a part of Deutsche Telekom. Anything could happen next, but it looks like T-Mobile US will remain a part of Deutsche Telekom for the foreseeable future.

Do you expect T-Mobile US to be sold anytime soon?

Via: Android Central

Source: Iliad

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  • Daryl

    I think that other buyers will appear T-Mobile is an incredibly attractive small company that is disruptive force in the mobile industry. That have hit on something with its uncarrier strategies.

  • Jose

    Makes sense for the board of directors and other officials as to why they wouldn’t.
    But T-Mobile stock isn’t looking too hot.
    It’s the lowest it’s ever been at ~$27

  • Homer

    Its Agamemnon vs Achilles all over again…..