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Galaxy Nexus gets new GPU drivers with promise of future Android L port


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released three years ago now. In the technology world, it might as well be a dinosaur. However, the device still has life left in it, along with a large development community working to keep the device alive. With TI leaving the processor game, and Google discontinuing support for the device, the future looked a bit bleak. But the Galaxy Nexus is back in business.

Leave it to the developer community to give an old device new life. I’m sure everyone has heard of the everlasting HTC HD2, which started out with Windows Mobile and has gotten every version of Android and every manufacturer skin known to man unofficially ported to it. The Galaxy Nexus isn’t too different, getting some serious support from those who love the device.

The latest achievement is the addition of updated GPU drivers for the device, allowing ports of KitKat to become far more stable and usable. This also means that the device will be able to run Android L when it comes out, potentially adding an entire year to its lifespan. If you still have your Galaxy Nexus lying around, give the KitKat ROM a try with the latest kernel!

Source: XDA

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  • CaptainDoug

    Gnex was a great device. I have major regrets about not getting it over the Incredible 2. I think I was planning on upgrading soon but never did. Should’ve chosen better.

  • Pratap

    I have this device, works like charm.
    Great to know that it might have Android L

  • Reginald Christison

    Sounds good

  • racing

    Controls are what makes this game shine I think there isn’t a better example I have come across. Give it a shot?

  • racer

    Controls are what makes this game shine I think there isn’t a better example I have come across. Give it a shot?

  • Reginald Christison

    New Nexus are really nice. I have a Nexus 7 2013.

  • Gagan

    I have installed FML ROM but there is a bugs in ..camera and mobile data