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Gamepad for Nexus Player available now, ships in 3-4 weeks


While it is uncertain how many people actually want to leverage their streaming boxes as gaming devices, the fight for streaming supremacy between Google and Amazon isn’t going to allow either to give ground to the other.

The Gamepad for Nexus Player is available again in the Play Store today after the previous launch saw it available for pre-order, then sold out and finally simply unavailable for a time.

For $39.99, the Gamepad brings Android gaming to your Nexus Player. You can connect up to four of them to your Nexus Player via Bluetooth if you are looking to battle it out in person against a group of friends.

I have no doubt the controller — made by ASUS — is a high quality product, but the question remains how many people want to play their Android games on the big screen. Hardcore gamers likely already have a console or PC gamers that are Android fanatics would buy the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable or Tablet for this purpose. That leaves casual gamers as the target, and I’m just not sold on their willingness to shell out $39.99 for the gaming experiences available right now via the Nexus Player.

For those of you buying the Nexus Player are you planning to purchase the Gamepad as well? What games are you looking forward to playing on it?

Regardless of whether you are buying into the Nexus Player, do you think it is a smart long term play to keep gaming as part of the ecosystem even if it is a little lackluster at launch?

Via: http://www.androidcentral.com/40-nexus-player-gamepad-ready-order-play-store

Source: Play Store

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  • Chris

    I will say I preordered the Nexus player and the controller specifically to play the Square Enix Final Fantasy games that have recently been updated to support Android TV. I am a hardcore gamer with a high end gaming PC, a Playstation 4 and Vita, and a Wii U and 3DS, but I am still interested in Android gaming. As we march toward streaming our games out of the cloud, I can’t help but think that the local hardware I’ve invested so much time and money into will become obsolete and a $99 streaming box will be all I need.

  • BlazeHN

    I wonder if it will be compatible with Android phones itself, like a Moga, Nyko, etc. controllers or similar ones? I suppose yes…

  • royaljoker248

    I have a 70″ TV and a Xbox one and PlayStation 4 also just got a Asus republic of gamers laptop. Honestly speaking most phones don’t even push android hardware. You can play most games on a crappy 2-4 year old processor. The games on phones aren’t as enticing and huge as what us real gamers have grown to love. Phones are more for moms and kids to play games