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Google Fit app arrives in the Play Store

Google Fit

Remember Google Fit? Google officially announced Fit at its I/O developer conference in June, detailing the APIs that developers could use to track a user’s fitness. Fast forward four months and we can finally give Fit a try for ourselves.

Google Fit is now available for download in Google Play. The 13MB app is compatible with devices running Android 4.0 or higher. Google says that Fit is also compatible with Android Wear devices, the web and your tablet.


As far as features go, Google Fit can track your walking, running and cycling activity, track your goals and recommend new ones for you. The app can also be connected with third-party devices to pull your data into Google Fit.

Google Fit’s feature set seems kind of barebones for now, but it does offer the basic activity tracking that you’d expect from a fitness app. With all of the focus on health and fitness in mobile lately, I’m sure that Google will be updating and improving Fit frequently. And hey, until then, at least the app looks nice.


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  • GreenGriffin

    Glad this app is out… the only issue I have (which I guess should be expected as the app just went live), is…. what other apps actually work and feed in to Google Fit currently?

    Who have said they will in the future?

    The API has been out with developers for a while, and when they announced there were various other company logos shown… but, what apps actually do work with it now?

    It would absolutely change what other fitness tracking apps I use. It would also completely influence what physical fitness tracker I am next buying.

    Any one know? Any information out there anywhere?

  • rob

    Looks to me parallel to the MOVES ap……no reason to switch right now for me….