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Google has begun to send out more Inbox invites


Yesterday Google introduced us to its new companion app for Gmail, dubbed Inbox. Everyone has been clamoring to try it, but the service is invite-only. You could request an invite, however, and Google is now sending out the first round of invites. We’re not sure how exactly Google is choosing those to send invites to, but at least three members of our staff have received them and others across the web are reporting that they’ve received invites as well. Unfortunately, it appears that those now getting invites don’t have the ability to invite others to Inbox.

Inbox provides a new way to keep track of messages and tasks through a single app. In some respects, it functions like a standard email app, allowing you to browse through your emails and send and reply as usual. But it also organizes similar emails into smart Bundles and adds in reminders and to-do lists to the app, making it more of a multi-purpose tool.

Let us know if you received an invite!

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  • Vance

    Got mine. Installing now!

    • hans

      Can you invite me :(

      • Matt

        If someone shares with you, hook a brother up and pay it forward?

    • jason schaefer

      I’d like an invite to if your sending them around

    • ebola la la bamba

      NSA is delighted. BTW, its becoming more and more clear Ellie Miller’s husband is indeed the Gracepoint killer.

      • SGB101

        What is this grace point killer stuff?

        • SGB101

          A down vote for a question? This site is spiraling down hill. It once had a great small community. Can’t really blame phone dog, the rot started 6/12 month before the acquisition looking back, which begs the question how the acquisition got past due dillagence.

    • SGB101


    • Akram Siddiqui

      can u invite me at [email protected]

    • des

      If you can spare and invite much appreciated.

    • des

      if you can spare an invite much appreciated it… [email protected]

    • bhute

      [email protected] could u send me an invite .. please

    • mginox

      Please send me an invitation: [email protected]

  • Jaimr

    Still nothing…

    • ebola la la bamba

      thats what she said

  • Lawrence Hall

    Im interested in this. Ive been on Gmail since the jump. Would like to see if they have a better solution.

  • GA

    Got mine, installed and its brilliant. All the right information classified and clubbed together in a dashboard style view. It’s like running a BI tool in your email inbox and getting meaning information on what are all the information stored and what type.

    • Mohsen

      Hi, Can you invite me? Thanks.

  • Greg thomas

    I’m not receiving new mail notifications. Disabled gmail, even unistalled gmail incase of a conflict. Sync settings are on under Google settings. Anyone else?

    • Chuck Fink

      Make sure that you’ve turned on notifications in the Inbox app, also turn on for each bundle you are interested in keeping an eye on. I am receiving notifications on 4.4.4 and final 5.0 dev build, no issues.

  • Eli Gaffke

    Got my invite today. Not really sure about it. Don’t like how difficult it is to delete messages. I’ll keep playing with it.

    • SB

      can you send me an invite? Thanks in advance


    • taron19119

      Send me an invite [email protected]

  • Aravind Kumar Pabbisetty

    Got mine, going to give it a try.

    • raghavendra jakka

      Arvind, can you pls send me invite?

    • Jay

      Could you please invite me

    • SB

      can you send me an invite? Thanks in advance


    • Nithin

      Hi, can you invite me as well,

      [email protected]

      Thank you

  • Joe Ellett

    Three days after you install it you will get three invitations.

  • Andre

    Yep! Got my invite also!

    • Matt

      Would you mind sharing an invite, please?

    • picklu

      Could you please share an invite!

    • hass

      Please send me one on
      [email protected]

  • Yann

    Yep I’m in as well, no invites to send yet though.
    So far I love the experience!
    My biggest missing feature is the signatures in the emails, other than that so far I’m in love :)

  • picklu

    Could you please share an invite with me! dontelother[at]gmail.com

  • May Center

    Can you invite me?

  • Brett

    Any got an invite spare?

  • rob

    got mine…..interesting to play in

    • Jim

      when did you request an invite?

    • Parimal

      invite me also.. [email protected]

    • matthew

      Please invite. Thanks.

  • rahul

    I want an invite plz!!!! [email protected]

  • Andrew

    i havent received one. i emailed google yesterday morning.

    • Martijn

      It’s not going that fast of course. I think it takes a couple of days. Got mine yesterday but signed up the first day.

      • matthew

        Please invite me!!!

  • Cornos

    [email protected]
    invite me please :D

  • krol

    any free invite? radziejewski.karol at gmail.com

  • mike

    anyone have any spare invites

  • mike

    anyone have an invite to spare [email protected]

  • sreeji

    please invite me…. [email protected]


    please invite me… [email protected]

  • Sai

    can you please invite [email protected]

  • georgi

    Can you please invite me?
    [email protected]

  • kane

    [email protected] someone please invite and thank you

  • Jason Hernandez

    Anyone have a spare invite it would be greatly appreciated
    [email protected]

  • luis espejo

    Invite please me, [email protected]

  • Amit

    Can anyone forward copy of the invite mail plz..

    [email protected]

  • Rishabh Sharma

    An invite would be really appreciated.. Rishabh28dotrsatgmaildotcom

  • Sultan

    I am still waiting the invitation from Google. anxious to see the next generation mail from Google.

  • Ad

    Invite me please [email protected]

  • Damir

    need an invite please!!! [email protected]

  • Michal

    Please invite me [email protected]