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Google Inbox users can now invite their friends


If you didn’t get your invite to Google Inbox, the new email service from Gmail, fret not. Inbox has announced via Twitter this afternoon that users of the new service will be able to invite three of their friends to come along for the ride.

Inbox says the invites are, “coming your way soon,” but we can confirm that invites are already available to some users. To send out an invite, you simply have to use the Speed Dial button located near the bottom of the app and look for “Invite to Inbox” golden ticket icon. Once you invite someone by entering in their email, they will get a message with a download link to get started.

A strange mixture of email, Gmail and Google Now, Inbox has only been available to beta users for two days now and is already making waves and being praised as the true evolution of email. Feel free to use the comments to hand out your invites if you don’t already have someone in mind.


Source: Twitter

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    I want a golden ticket… Please

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    I need an invite please.. I have tried with google and everyone who has it but non received … Please invite me [email protected]

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    Please invite me. We in South Africa are always the last to get anything. [email protected]

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    only 3 invite for each user

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    If possible, i need an invitation

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  • Idioteque84

    lol, have fun with all the spam mail

    • Sparkyowns

      that is the same thing i was thinking…. dumb peps..

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    Hi! Can someone invite me please? My email is [email protected]

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    Please. Could you send me an invite to [email protected] . Thank you.

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    Anyone have an invite to spare [email protected]

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    Doesn’t give me the option to invite..just got my invite an hour ago

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    please please [email protected]

  • Faris Mazen Saleh

    anybody has an invite?
    [email protected]

  • AdamsUtd
  • Christopher Hamilton

    I’d love an invite, I sent Google an email a few days ago with no luck do far… [email protected]

  • kane

    Someone please invite :) [email protected] thank uou

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    I’m so looking forward to getting an invite if someone wants to send me one. [email protected]

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    I would be please to receive an invite : [email protected]

  • Matt

    Would love an invite to pass around, thanks cheers <3

  • liam

    If any one has an extra invite… I’ll take it please! [email protected]

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    To the SMART ONE THAT POST YOUR EMAIL..NOT 2 SMART. what would it take, say some 1 like me to send u a FAKE INVITE FORM THIS POST AND INSTEAD I SENT YOU A VIRUS OR MALWARE TO BE INSTALL ON YOUR COMPUTER… U C A EMAIL WITH A GOOGLE INVTE TO ITS NEW EMAIL… NOT thinking twice u click on it and BAM I GOT YOUR COMPUTER.. while u are feel O so sad because nothing happen or it took to a web page that look like google invite page u put all your info and BAM I GOT U TWICE… WOW THIS WAS EASY !!! I send u a link to a email that google will release 2all sooner or later. Now I just infected your computer ( it’s all in the background and would NOT HAVE A CLUE THAT ITS HAPPENING.. HAHA. 2nd one the link takes u 2 a fake google webpage to install this wonderful email that is going to cure every1.. What would make u think twice if it’s fake or not.. Because u are getting a invite from your friend or stranger.. U how no clue what this page would look like or if it’s even real or if u would have to go to a web page. U put all your info and now I have your email & password now my buddy just change your password to your account & on top of that those of u who put your REAL INFORMATION TO GET A GMAIL ACCOUNT I HAVE ALL YOUR INFO AND MAYBE THAT FORM U FILL OUT HAS A TINY SECTION TO PUT YOUR CC INFO BECAUSE ITS A NEW EMAIL AND NOW U CAN SHOP THE NET WITH YOUR EMAIL.. I AM JUST SAYING U NEED TO BE A LITTLE MORE CAREFUL. ALL OF U GUYS READ WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HACKERS AND STUFF THAT TAKE PLACE BEAUSE it’s on the news, in blogs and so on. I counted 31 emails that I could of try to screw u over. NOW WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD NUMBER ? If I put some effect into making a webpage from google to fill out and it’s not that hard to get a rented web-server that is hack.
    Because NONE OF U WOULD NOT KNOW IF THERE IS A PAGE TO GO 2 or it can be done in the email it self. So if did every … thing right and got the perfect virus or malware that can not be Pick up from anti-virus software and now u think u r safe because it came up 0 yep zero no worries because u saw that wonderful number zer0.. Ok back to the numbers 31 emails and I did the perfect *** social engineering *** I Would say I could of gotten all 31… But let’s just say ..
    31 emails and things look OK .. I could of trick 15 out of 31 or say even 10… Into giving me your info ..and maybe your CC too. I already have your computer ( and would not even know ) that would, be all 31 if u click on that link .
    But I would BE REALLY HAPPY with 10 out of 30.. I do not want to hear.. Nope u would of never got me or anything close to that .. If u saw a email pop up with a invite saying who wants to join google # 1 email app used by millions and millions of people. BE THE FIRST OF YOUR FRIENDS OR FAMILY WITH THE LATEST AND BEST EMAIL FROM GOOGLE .. AND IT WAS SENT from some one saying that they work here at this news place …hmmm something to think about…
    So I say I could of trick at least 10 out of the 31 who post there emails…


    • Edgar Barragan

      You are not as bright as you think and while others are very bright all that they had to is just install inbox from Google play itself and then open the said inbox application from there all they have to do is see if their log in works if it does then you sent them an actual invite if it does not then it says some thing along the lines of you need an invite in which case all they have to do is delete the FAKE invite and spam the sender. and or report the sender of the fake invite .

    • THE SMART1

      Please invite me! [email protected]


    Hi the SMART1
    I say u could of had all 31…!! It seems that they are not to bright and with bad people and also bad Org. Out there this can happen for real….
    I have to say not a smart thing 2do.. That one comment about spam he is also right too..u would be lucky if u only got SPAM… NEW TERM: u got spam out man….lol enjoy
    O Wait this proof that there r not many smart ones **31** reading the article which was good..
    NO WHERE IN THE ARTICLE DID THEY OR HE SAY THAT THEY OR HE WAS GIVING AWAY TICKETS TO GOOGLES EMAIL.. HE JUST INFORM U THAT U CAN SEND OUT INVITES (3 only ) if u had google new gmail… So one fool starts it by writing his or hers email and asking for a invite
    OUR WINNER IS … [email protected]… WAS THE 1st one to start it..I don’t know if it is real or fake I don’t care.. So one NOW 30 more say ok I will 2 put my email too & this is RIGHT AFTER THEY READ THE NEWS BLOG ABOUT NEW EMAIL INVITES.. AND I CAN NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE in the article that is above me THAT SAYS SOME1 is give free invites ..just give me your email.. Nope I can not find it maybe some1 can point it out to me… In the article above me.
    So if u want a invite please: EMAIL ME @ [email protected]… <~~~This one is REAL…

  • kaan

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    Would love to receive an invite, I will donante 2 invites back to people of this community. My email is [email protected].

  • Eddie G.

    I don’t get it. I already have a GMail account, why in the world would I want to “share” that or anything ELSE with others?…even if its a NEW mail service…I would STILL want to keep it private, in this day and age of infiltrations left & right….from the financial sector to government agencies…the LAST thing I want is to give someone ELSE access to my personal information, even if it IS only emails from my nephew and his brand new wife. Kinds stupid…