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Google introduces Inbox, a better way to manage your messages


Google has introduced a new app to the world called Inbox, and it aims to improve your email experience. Inbox includes important new features for organization like a bundling format for emails of a similar type. Bundles are a more refined version of the Gmail categories that we saw last year. They take emails that are akin to each other and place them together in their own area. For example, Inbox could group all of your bills into one bundle, making it easier to find them. This feature also learns from you, by noticing how you group things manually and changing to group them in the same way

Inbox also has a focus on a feature called Highlights. Highlights will select important pieces from an email, such as photos, flight bookings or package tracking, and show them to you right in the main feed of your inbox so that you can know what the main portion of the email is without even opening it. Further than that, Highlights can also source information from the web that pertains to your email such as the status of a flight or where your package is currently at. Inbox (2)

The final set of features in Inbox helps you to better manage all your tasks. Inbox can set reminders for things to do, both based on things in your email and other things that you may need to do. It will then help you follow through on those things with Assists, which are handy pieces of information designed to help you complete the tasks in your Reminders. These could include a phone number and open hours or even navigation to a place that you need to get to.

Inbox is a new way of dealing with all of our tasks and messages, and it looks like it could be very helpful. Google is currently testing Inbox with select users but you can have a chance to get in on the action as well. Just email [email protected] and you’ll be added to a list of people to get an invitation once more become available. Inbox is currently a stand-alone app, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it integrated into Gmail in the future.

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Source: Gmail Blog

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  • Gamal

    Anyone have an invite they can send me? [email protected]

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    I tried sending email to [email protected]. Got a failure response back saying the destination address does not exist.

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        oops! my bad. thank you callcenterrep!

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      I did as well. Strangely though, my confirmation came later.

  • Stoxystocks

    This app looks great and i will probably use it to replace the gmail app. I like how the app is following the design that android is implementing in the new OS

    • Neha

      Hi Stoxystocks,
      Could you please send me an invite if you have one – [email protected]? Thanks.

  • Apurva

    Thanks for requesting an invite. We’ll send you one as soon as possible.

    Your friends at Gmail

  • jamal adam

    This looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it out once Google gives me that invite.

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    Can’t wait to receive an invite and test it

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    How do you get an invite? I want to try it also!

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    invite pretty please.

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