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Google Play Newsstand given Material Design refresh

It has been just under a year since Google officially launched their Newsstand app for Android and iOS, but the company has just announced a big aesthetic overhaul for the app for Android devices.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Newsstand is getting the Material Design makeover, considering the big focus Google has on the design for all of its major platforms, features and apps moving forward. The Newsstand app has always been a one-stop shop for anything you’d like to read, from print magazines to blogs and online newspapers. That’s staying the same, but Google has redesigned the reading experience to hopefully make things even easier.

“Today’s redesign brings a new magazine reading experience on your phone. In the past, print magazines have been hard to read on a small screen, zooming in and out to skim an article. But now you’ll see a list of articles from the magazine that you can toggle through and easily read with big images right on your phone.”

With the Material Design-focused changes, that means readers will get bigger images, smoother transitions across the board and more contextual headers. Now, swiping right or left will switch between topics, and swiping up and down will dive into a topic for further examination. On top of that, Google has included even more topic cards within the Explore tab, meaning you can find even more areas of interest and subscribe to them easier than ever before.


The updated app is rolling out now to users, and should finish within the next week. Or, simply down the new app from the Google Play Store for free.


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