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Google Play Store 5.0 now rolling out with Material Design


Google has begun rolling out version 5.0.31 of the Play Store that includes a visual overhaul with Material Design and some new layouts. The update leaked out a few weeks back and marked a significant, but welcome, change in the Google Play Store. It’s also an indicator that the launch of Android L is growing closer, as more and more apps continue to get updated to support the new Material Design standard. Google Play Store Material Design Screenshot

The Google Play Store now entirely follows Material Design with smooth animations, revised colors and larger, cleaner visuals. The icon has also been redone with a new design featuring shadows and the depth that we’ve come to know with Material Design. In terms of layout changes, the What’s New section has moved back up to the top of the description box and is highlighted in green. Aside from that, most things are the same aside from a refreshed design.

Use this mirror to download it for yourself.

Via: Android Police

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  • charlie88

    We had Tron Blue, now we have Hospital Grey-Teal. I know it’s a matter of taste, but could that color be any blander?

  • sandituahunse

    Love you

  • masterpfa

    It’s always amazing when Google can release apps that seem to Force Close on their own devices. Can’t ge this to work on Android L preview, how ironic…

    Looks quite nice on my 4.4.4 Devices though.

    • Nathan

      They don’t call it a preview for nothing.

  • Akbar Ebrahimi Fard

    . مگر نظر ماایرانیان برای شما مهم است شما که در فروشگاه گوگل وشرکا هر چه دلتان میخواهد به ایرانیها می اندازید وبیشتر برنامه های شما برای کشور ایران وجود ندارد فقط کارتان شده بازی بازی ایرانیها درشان کم است فقط مانده بازی کنند.