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Google Voice can now receive MMS from most North American carriers…except Verizon

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Google Voice users have long struggled with the lack of MMS support. When an MMS would be sent to a Google Voice number, it would just disappear into the void. This has been a big problem with using the service for normal communication, but now it looks like Google has (finally) fixed it.

The company has announced that it has partnered with almost 100 North American carriers to allow MMS to be received by Google Voice numbers. This includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bell Canada, Rogers, Telus and more. Notice how Verizon is missing? In classic Verizon fashion, the carrier has not partnered with Google and will not support MMS to Google Voice. Nice one, Big Red.

With all non-Verizon carriers, MMS should now work with Google Voice. Give it a shot yourself and let us know how it works! And if it does work for you, will this make you use Google Voice more? Are you satisfied with the current solution? Leave a comment!

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  • Pullo

    I’m assuming that since MetroPCS is under the T-Mobile banner that they will also be able to utilize the MMS tool within the Google Voice application. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I am a N5 user on MetroPCS.

  • McLovin

    Love the service and planning on sticking with it even through a switch over to AT&T/ StraightTalk from T-Mobile/Solavei soon.

    One thing that is annoying is the voice call quality on outbound calls. I always make calls in “without google” mode because people were complaining. This leads to another problem which is they never save my contact info with my Google number but the weird temp number my carrier gives me.

    But I will sacrifice with that to have all the other benefits that my carrier would charge for. For example auto voice to text email notification. TMO was charging me $10 bucks a month for this feature alone.

    • Marie

      Yea love the features but the only thing i hate is the call quality. It is painfully usable which is the only reason me and my husband refuse to give out our google number to anyone for fear of this never being fully resolved. That and verizon not working with google on mms

  • Tangent

    Damn you Verizon… If you want to keep customers you’re going to have to eventually do more than sit back and hope your competitors don’t improve their data coverage to match/beat yours. I very grudgingly left TMobile because their data coverage was virtually useless for me. At work it was very slow at best, and at home it was literally non-existent even though it showed up as being in a “Good” 4G area on their coverage maps. I love the voice and data coverage and speeds I get with Verizon, but pretty reliably everything else sucks. Always the last one to make anything available, always hitting users with more bloat, and always the last to make features like this available if you do it at all…

  • Dj

    Yea except it sends them a link to visit a webpage to see the picture not exactly a seamless solution, while its nice to have the feature I don’t see why/how google couldn’t have just done that years ago if they weren’t going to have full fledged MMS

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Other way around, this new advancement allows people on the listed carriers to send your Voice number MMS. Yeah, sending MMS from Google Voice is still more of a workaround than a feature.

  • J.Cab

    I don’t understand why Verizon is getting slammed. I don’t use their text services and have used Google Voice as my text service over 6 years now. When I merged Hangouts with GV, I had no issues sending pics via GV through Hangouts. Sorry to hear others are having issues.

    • Andyroid

      Try sending mms TO a google voice number from Verizon

  • Brandon


    Didn’t work for me.

    Sprint. Both iPhone 5 and Nexus 5.

  • surethom

    When will OK Google enable “Read SMS”. “Read Hangouts” such a pain in the car receiving sms’s messages & unable to do this simple option.?

  • renyo

    I guess this means I finally don’t have to tell iPhone users to msg me via whatsapp…