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Hands-on with the HTC One (M8) Eye Experience and Dot View updates

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Most people buy flagship phone because they’re typically available on every service provider imaginable and the manufacturers do a pretty good job of making us believe they are the best devices on the market. But if you wait two to six weeks, you’ll probably see Samsung, HTC, Sony or LG release another phone with even better specs.

Six months after the release of the HTC One (M8), the phone is pretty outdated. Fortunately, flagship phones aren’t just about high-end specs. The HTC One (M8)’s (limited) popularity means that HTC’s dedicated to keeping the phone up to date with new versions of Android and releasing new features which make the phone even better. The latest new features to come to the One (M8) are the Eye Experience update and Dot View case third-party app notifications.

HTC Eye Experience

All the new camera features HTC introduced with the HTC Desire Eye are currently being rolled out to One (M8). HTC has pushed the update out to unlocked versions of the phone in Europe and North America, and we’ve also seen a few updates hit carrier-branded versions of the phone here in the US. Check out the video below to see now the new Eye Experience works on the HTC One (M8).

Dot View third-party notifications

The Eye Experience update has been in the news for the past few weeks, but let’s not forget the Dot View app update that hit Google Play last week. The new update displays music controls and third-party notifications on the Dot View case. It may not sound like much, but accessing Twitter or Gmail notification with a simple swipe on the Dot View case is quite enjoyable and increases the value of the Dot View case. Watch the video to see how it all works.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • John in Brisbane

    Such a pity these aren’t selling better. I think the shell is inferior to the M7 but they’re a great phone overall.

    Personally, I’d like to see HTC releasing upgraded M7s going forward. They got it just right and the M8 is bigger, less special and doesn’t have any more usable screen real estate!

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      i’m thinking HTC will be going with a 5.2-inch display on the M9 next year, but I do hope they release a “compact” version that’s has a 4.7-inch display like the M7. I’m also expecting HTC to drop the black bar under the display next year so both phones I’m envisioning should have a smaller footprint.

      I know big is in, but it’s time HTC gives us as a few flagship options at different sizes just like Sony and Apple have done.

  • McEbola by McDonalds

    2 things:
    In The Walking Dead the dude eats a foot of the black guy
    In Gracepoint, Ellie Miller’s husband is the killer

    HTC One is decent

  • Nice vide HTC phones are hands

    ,Nice video ,HTC by far best phones ,sitll running my HTC amaze,sad to say tmobile only carrys 1 model& 1 color soon will over take sprint for 3rd largest carrier,Nick can you put in a word for us,with peter Chou ,and while your talking kinda bring it up ,we like the days where HTC ph had removable batterys