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HTC Nexus 9 makes a pit stop at the FCC


HTC’s oft-rumored Nexus 9 tablet has made a stop at the FCC, confirming its reality. Rumors and reports regarding the Nexus 9 tablet, codenamed Flounder, have abounded for months, but it’s good to have confirmation of the device’s existence. What we don’t know, however, is when the device will be released. HTC is holding a “Double Exposure” event next week, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see a Nexus tablet announced there, as the event appears to be camera-centric.

Word about the Nexus 9 is that it will include an 8.9-inch display, NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, 4GB RAM, an 8-megapixel camera and LTE support. Better yet, the body is rumored to be styled in typical HTC fashion and composed of aluminum. We’ll have to wait and see when it’s released, but chances are that it could be soon.

Are you looking forward to HTC’s Nexus 9?

Via: Android Central

Source: FCC

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  • stanglifemike

    Google is making it very obvious that they want, and are making, big changes in the Nexus lineup!
    First, the Nexus 6 surprised me, and even though I prefer larger displays I’m not sure that N6 sales will be that great. A lot of Nexus users/potential buyers didn’t respond well after the screen size was confirmed, but until it’s on display for them to hold in their hand we won’t know for sure.
    Now, with the Nexus 9 confirmed to be gaining 1″ in display size and said to be using a metal body, it’s even more obvious that Google thinks it’s time for something new/different. They’re showing it will be a top of the line device running the Tegra K1 accompanied by 4G RAM, and an aluminum body would certainly back that up, if true.
    Once HTC went with metal unibody phones, the Evo LTE/One X was my last HTC phone after 8 straight HTC phones in 4 years . I prefer a removable battery, so I’ll take plastic back on my phones any day. Neither of my tablets have removable batteries, though, so I welcome a metal unibody tablet. Nexus 9 looks to be an excellent upgrade over my 2013 Nexus 7, which I absolutely love. I rarely use my 10″ Asus Infinity since buying the N7 FHD at launch. And while I don’t think an 8″ display looks/feels much larger than a 7″ (definitely not enough to sacrifice the portability of a 7″),I do believe a 9″ display will be a good in-between size assuming the bezels are kept slim. If it is, then hopefully it will eliminate my current desire for having both a 7″ and 10″ tablet for different purposes.
    Wow, that was MUCH longer than I anticipated, but I’m extremely happy with Google’s decisions on their upcoming Nexus devices! And to get to the question and reason for commenting, if it’s not already apparent, I am very much so looking forward to an HTC Nexus 9 and plan to purchase at launch!

    • ChazzMatt

      Definitely getting the Nexus 9 tablet, to replace the 2012 Nexus 7. But I think Google pushed too far with the 6″ Nexus 6. IF I had wanted a Note sized phone I would have bought a Note sized phone. I was looking forward to a 5.2″ – 5.5″ phone based on the 5.5″ LG G3.

      LG knows how to shrink bezels. You hold the phone, not the display — so the PHONE SIZE is most important. That 5.9″ phone is just too big. I’ve held the 5.5″ LG G3 and that’s about the limit to my comfort. I would buy a 5.2″ Nexus variant based on the 2014 Moto X (even though it would be bigger than the 5.2″ LG G2, because Moto is not as skilled as LG). But I’m not buying this 5.9″ monstrosity, even if it does have Nexus slapped on the back.

      • sere83

        Yep exactly could not agree more. My nexus 7 was stolen recently so need an upgrade and the nexus 9 is actually exactly what i hoped google would bring to the table, a premium build and a larger yet not enormous display, i felt the nexus 7 display was often too small for a comfortable web browsing experience. My only concerns being the potential high price and the lack of tablet optimised apps. The fact there is still no facebook tablet optimized app is just unbelievable to me.

        Completely agree about the nexus 6 if there really is not going to be a 5.2 inch model and its only the 5.9 that is a massive fail and oversight on google’s part. That is indeed a monstrosity and I will definitely not be buying it. One way to alienate consumers and lose profit is to make a comically large sized 6 inch device which lets face it is still niche as it dwarfs even the Galaxy note, this will not sell well with the masses at all.

        The Bezel thing is also something I think certain manufacturers are to not acknowledging the importance of. As you say LG have been great at reducing bezel waste and keeping devices compact, the nexus 5 for me was great in this respect was a great example of this and probably the best size for a phone in my honest opinion. Motorola on the other hand are the complete opposite. Both the new moto x+1 and the new Moto G and it would seem this upcoming nexus are great examples of particularly ugly and inefficient design in my opinion. The cheap looking front speakers are a complete waste of time and space, which add considerable bulk to these devices and really bring no major benefits in my mind.

        The Moto G 2nd gen was a great example of inefficient design and despite the rave reviews shows a fundamental misunderstanding from Moto of the market for this device. People bought the original G because it was a compact, solid performing device at a great price. So what do moto do? Make no improvement in cpu or ram. Reduce pixel density, increase size and bulk, introduce some middle of the road ugly speakers and alienate a whole section of consumers still looking for a no frills compact device.

        Personally I still think there is a market for a device similar to the original moto G with improved specs, hence we see the rise of the Xiaomi Redmi 1s as the 4th best selling device on the planet.

        • Troik

          I too think that there is a market for an 9 inch tablet, but I disagree with you on the front facing speakers. Sure, if you have headphones strapped to your cell all day long they are useless to you, but if you e.g. want a ringtone that doesn’t sound like crap or want to show one of your buddies a youtube-video, these speakers become phenomenal. First time I heard them on the HTC One I couldn’t believe that this sound came out of a cell. So while I loved my Nexus7(2012) and currently enjoy my Nexus7(2013) I hope that the Nexus9 can improve on the sound and maybe even make the borders even smaller.

  • Tecnoworld

    Yes, it’s time for a new tablet for me (my nexus 7 2012 has broken glass so I’m using a galaxy tab2 7 as a temporary backup).

    I’d welcome the metal body and the 4gb of memory! I just hope they keep the bezels as tiny as possible.

  • Ruben Silin

    Yes. I was interested in the Tegra tablet but am a fan of HTC. Really looking forward to an HTC device,(front facing speakers and all) with stock Android.

  • lartomar2002

    Hell yes, can not wait to replace my expensive laggy Asus TF700. I keep reading rumors of a SD card slot which would be different from past Nexus products but wouldn’t it be great? If not I always have my dropbox account.

  • lartomar2002

    Yes, can not wait to replace my expensive laggy Asus TF700. I keep reading rumors of a SD card slot which would be different from past Nexus products but wouldn’t it be great? If not I always have my dropbox account.

  • lartomar2002

    Sorry for double post, do not know what happened. duh!