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HTC One (M7) and (M8) Lollipop update plan revealed


Move over KitKat, you’re old news. Lollipop is the latest and greatest Android version that everyone has a craving for. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on Android 5.0, you should probably pre-order the Nexus 9, but if you own the HTC One (M7) or this year’s HTC One (M8) – the Lollipop update is right around the corner.

After Google unveiled the latest flavor of Android this morning, we reached out to @htc to see when its current flagship device would be updated to Android 5.0. The response didn’t have an exact date, but HTC’s Twitter account did reveal that the company is planning to have the update available for the One (M7) and One (M8) within 90 day of the official release of the code. Since the Nexus 9 will be showing up in stores on November 3rd, we can expect HTC’s first Lollipop update to drop between then and the first week of February.

Source: HTC Source

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  • Felipe Pimenta

    HTC said this way back after Google I/O 2014, so it isn’t exactly news now…

  • Zeta

    Can y’all ask Samsung when they plan on updating to Lollipop for the Galaxy S5??? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      2016 probably

    • Paxmos

      Suck a few lollipops and then it will come.

  • Cesar vera

    hTC one(e8), is that on the list along with the (m7)?

    • Andrew

      All the one series, mate.

      • Andrew

        *All of the

  • noone

    So the Verizon version will probably get it in about a year.

  • Sean Fernandez

    Bold thing for HTC to say but as a M7 owner I’m glad they’re staying dedicated to their past years phone in terms of support of updates. I eagerly await within the 90 days to get Lollipop. Unless Verizon gets in the way of M7 and M8 owners and screws up the update, which I hope they don’t do but probably will :-(

    • Matt

      That’s why i got mine unlocked

    • Yash

      Yeah, they could do it :( I’m worried coz I am a Verizon User too :/

  • karthik

    Will HTC desire 816 get Lollipop update?

  • Piman

    Would you be so kind and reach out to Sony as well?

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      Sony already made an official statement: all Z series devices will get Lollipop, there is an article here as well.