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HTC posts teaser for October 8, could it be for HTC M8 Eye?

HTC teaser

HTC has something up its sleeve, and we’re pretty excited to see what it is. The latest teaser was posted on the company’s Twitter account, showing the date of October 8. Behind it is an animated HTC One (M8), flipping positions with distortion. The title is “Don’t adjust your screen. Just focus on the date.”

It’s very unclear what HTC could be teasing, though the mention of focus probably refers to its UFocus system currently on the One (M8). If that’s true, it may be referencing the rumored HTC One M8 Eye with a 13-megapixel camera replacing the regular One (M8)’s 4-megapixel UltraPixel sensor. Instead of being just a plain 13-megapixel sensor like we’ve seen with some other HTC devices, the M8 Eye’s may retain the Duo Camera’s second sensor used for depth. And with people complaining about the low resolution of the One (M8)’s camera, this may just be a good move for the company.

However, if it is about this HTC M8 Eye, we may not see the device here in the US. It’s rumored to be exclusive to the Asian market. And since this teaser was posted to the international HTC Twitter account, it may not be referencing something we’ll ever get here in the States.

But until the event, we won’t know exactly what HTC is teasing. The teaser is very vague and mysterious, and we definitely don’t mind not knowing everything for once. What do you think HTC will be showing off?

Source: @htc

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    Please please please let them out the new One Max

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    Since virtually NO website can be bothered telling us the time of the event it is 4pm New York Time or 9pm GMT so 10pm BST