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HTC pushes launch of wearables until next year


HTC’s planned wearables for this fall/winter have been postponed until next year. Rumors have long been pointing to HTC wearables in the works and a launch for Q4 2014 was the initial plan. HTC later confirmed that it was working on wearables, but in a new statement from Jason Mackenzie to Re/Code, the wearables are being pushed back. Mackenzie told Re/Code, “We had originally planned to have a wearable launch in this time frame, it ended up just not being ready.”

Wearables have found a major place in the mobile technology market. They represent the next wave of technology, making it more portable and accessible than ever. But reviews of current wearable technology have been mixed, causing HTC to stop and reconsider its approach to wearables.

We’ve seen a lot of general purpose wearables come to market, there’s not a strong reason to wear one every day. When we come to market with our product we want to make sure the product has a strong point of view and there is a really compelling reason to strap it on your wrist.Drew BamfordHead of HTC Creative Labs

With that, HTC has decided to hold off on launching wearables just yet. The decision is likely for the best, as we all know how much better it is when a company takes their time with a product. Are you looking forward to HTC’s wearables, come next year?

Source: Re/Code

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  • Subx

    I wish they would can the whole idea! Wearables are a stupid idea. You can’t do much with them at all except take notifications, reject calls, see the weather and know he time. For what they do, they are not worth the money.

    This I think will be a failure for all OEMS