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HTC revenue declines, but company remains profitable in Q3

HTC Dot View Case

HTC has announced its unaudited Q3 results and the quarter looks to have been both good and bad for the manufacturer. While HTC managed to stay profitable in Q3, revenues declined from Q2 2014. The third quarter showed a revenue of NT$41.86 billion (USD$1.37 billion) which is down from Q2′s revenue of NT$65.1 billion (USD$2.13 billion). HTC still managed to make a profit of NT$0.64 billion (USD$209 million), though that’s well down from Q2′s NT$2.3 billion (USD$754 million).

HTC announced several minor devices in Q2 such as a Windows variant of the HTC One (M8) along with two new Desire devices and a new Butterfly device in Asian markets. HTC continues to use cost-cutting measures in order to help boost profits midst declining smartphone sales. In Q4, HTC is expected to announce a new “Eye” line of camera-centric devices as well as a powerful Nexus tablet that should help to keep profits and sales up.

Nonetheless, HTC faces fierce competition in a saturated market with plenty of other companies vying for the top. Hopefully, a combination of cost-cutting measures and new devices will help to restore some of its fortune.

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Source: HTC

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  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • Cap

      Oh, God. People have been saying things are the “final nail” for htc for years.

      • Gerald Thibault

        But everytime they say that, HTC has a one-day epiphany, releases a phone that actually has an SD slot, and then posts gains instead of losses. And then they immediately go back to releasing shitty phones, because they don’t seem smart enough to learn a single thing from their history of phone releases.

        M7 (no card) = losses, M8 (card) = gains. So which one do you try to build upon in the future?

        Only someone at HTC would choose the former. And that’s exactly what they did (http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/04/htc-desire-eye-leak/). Get ready for another quarter of losses, HTC. Idiots.