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Huawei Ascend Mate2 will not see an update to KitKat

Huawei Ascend Mate2 06

Huawei has just confirmed via their blog that one of our favorite budget phones of this year, the Ascend Mate2, won’t be receiving an update to KitKat.

We’ve received word that unfortunately we will not be updating the Mate2 to Android KitKat.
Our Mate2 is the first of many products we’ll continue to offer in the coming months, and you can expect superior hardware with the latest software going forward.

Given the bargain basement pricing of the Ascend Mate2, just $299 off contract, this probably shouldn’t come as a significant shock to Ascend Mate2 owners. Nonetheless, it is counter to what Huawei told us when we reviewed the device in late July, which makes it a bit more disappointing. It is also the first device that we have seen Huawei push in the U.S. and this isn’t the most promising start to that relationship.

Huawei staff acknowledged in the comments of their post that the hardware is capable of running KitKat and that “there are many reasons why this update is not coming and for those reasons we are targeting to improve on our next device.” Not elaborating on those reasons would seem to be a poor choice here as any explanation would at least stave off some criticism. The most reasonable explanation is likely that they simply didn’t see the sales to warrant the time and effort to update the device, but again, they are leaving this open to idle speculation.

If any of you are Ascend Mate2 owners we would love to hear from you in the comments. And for the rest of you, does this leave you less likely to consider a device from Huawei in the future or are you willing to chalk this up to growing pains as they explore the U.S. market?

Via: Android Central

Source: Huawei Blog

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  • Raymond

    Do y’all know if we’re going to get an update to 5.0 lollipop please let me know?

    • tam

      This is awful bought this phone because of promised update. I will be returning this phone to amazon.

    • Jessie

      Nope you won’t be getting no upgrade at all

    • Janet


  • Manolo

    Although 4.3 works OK on the device, I was really expecting Kitkat or even better, Lillipop. Hope they change their mind if really wants to stay in US and Latin American market.

  • Crisss29

    Terrible decision by Huawei. Will stay away from ALL their products after getting burned this time…

  • James

    I think this is a HUGE mistake for Huawei. I just bought this phone so far love it . For them not to update it to Kit Kat just because it did not meet sales expectations is lack of foresight to where the US market is heading. As more Americans are starting to realize that those expensive contract phones they are getting are not really free. Ive been using an unlocked no contract phone for about 4 years. But it has always been a network carrier brand with their bloatware. To have a phone not tied to one carrier and not have their bloatware on it is a new concept for the average user as also buying a smartphone outright and choosing the carrier of your choice. with that said this trend is starting to grow in the US.Huawei had an opportunity to capitalize on that trend. But they have made the choice to abandon those who chose to give their product a try . There is no advertising as good as word of mouth.

  • Michael krueger

    I am a new owner of this phone the ascend mate 2 . It is very disappointing that a phone that has worked flawlessly can’t get an update for in the future makes no sense. All they have to do is just keep pushing this phone at the price they’re selling it for and it will sell itself. It offers plenty of features for people that need a good phone that does everything decently well . Especially if you’re over 40 and do not need to be on Twitter or blogging your whole life every five minutes. Huawei please give us an update to this phone I love it

  • Robin Harris

    For me this phone has been perfect; right price, great screen and awesome battery. I guess I’m not too surprised they’ve chosen not to update, but I’m seriously disappointed anyhow. The UI is starting to look dated compared to other phones already. After saying they likely will update for all this time, and then changing their mind, I doubt I’ll buy another Huawei product after this.