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Leaked Sprint info page reveals date of WiMax shutdown


A leaked employee info page from Sprint has revealed that Sprint’s WiMax network, which used to be Sprint’s 4G network, will shut down on November 6, 2015. With the launch and rollout of Sprint’s 4G LTE and Spark networks, it’s not much of a surprise that Sprint is planning to shut down the old, infrequently used WiMax network. The info page is letting employees know of the change, as a notification will be sent to all CL customers using WiMax one year before the shutdown occurs.

The notice will contain information about Sprint’s 4G LTE and Spark networks and handsets that are compatible with them, should the customer want to upgrade. If the customer chooses not to upgrade, then Sprint has also put in a note informing them that their device will still work on the Sprint 3G network. Prepaid and IL customers will get a notice 180 days before the shutdown and all WiMax customers will continue to get more info before the shutdown, informing them of their options. All in all, Sprint looks to be trying to make the transition go over as smoothly as possible. Check out the full info page below if you’re interested.

Sprint Info Page

Source: Android Central

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  • callcenterrep

    I have seen some internal communications about this as well. Same date shown. 100% accurate

  • reddragonman

    No loss there. The network never did perform well, and was one of my big reasons for leaving Sprint. We’ll see if Sprint can utilize a technology that actually performs the way they advertise, but until I see a dramatic change, I’ll stick with GSM carriers.