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New Android commercials show off the fun side of a diverse platform


We’ve seen the Nexus 7 and the Play Store promoted in TV ads in the past, but Google has finally kicked off a marketing campaign that promotes the diversity of Android. The three short clips all use Android characters which were most likely built the with Androidify app, all enjoying differently sized phones, tablets and Android Wear devices with a common “Be together. Not the same” tagline. The beauty of it all is that Google isn’t featuring any of the manufacturers who make Android devices to promote the platform.

Do you think Google’s new marketing push is intended to raise awareness about Android L or the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 6 smartphone?

Source: Droid-Life

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  • Vance

    Two of the links are the same…

  • Donald Williams

    I like those. Hope to see them on TV. Cute simple and fun.

  • Deb

    One of the best commercials ever !!

  • Patricia Kontulis

    They spelled WHOA wrong in the ad. No one noticed? They have it as WOAH.

    • Shannen

      Some people spell it that way. There really isn’t one way to spell it.

  • DW

    Just viewed the commercial while watching the football game. Why do we in the USA have to be constantly slapped around with mus lim people and their lijes, wants and desires? I’m so tired of this “diversity” and equality that gives everyone more rights than us, who are BORN & RAISED in this country and who truly love this country and aren’t attempting to overtake or force others to accept our religion, types of food and subject others to our “proper” atire for women!

    • JoJo

      The American people are expected to just let anything go. All despicable morals, and indecent lifestyles are being forced in our faces while we are told we are being racist, bigots, etc. The objections are not racist, or bigoted. They have to do with BEHAVIOR! Behaviors that are not accepted or wanted by many Americans.

  • Barb juRez

    I will NEVER by an android based on those pro Muslim ads.

    • Jeffm

      Its rather sad Google/Android have to bow to that violent, intolerant and misogynistic religion in there ads supposedly celebrating diversity. A “hijab” (Muslim head covering forced on women) is just a symbol of how misogynistic they are. France went so far as to outlaw them in schools and universities for that very reason. Religious attitudes from the Middle Ages. Has no business in the modern, global society or an Android commercial.

  • Shannen

    It’s not in your face. It’s barely a blimp.

  • Shannen

    Because they’re trying to make haters like you Choke. Don’t try and speak for “the majority” of America. If you think that they are forcing their agenda down our throats, then You are the problem.

  • Pat

    Featuring Muslims will not get you customers! Ever hear of ISIS?

  • Ryan

    I cant believe people read politics into these. Lighten up! The commercials are great.

  • Hail

    Your hate is unoriginal. You know who also has hatred in their hearts: AL Qaeda extremists. You ain’t nothing different from them.

    So you are telling me that you are scared and frightened all because someone in a commercial has a scarf on her head. PATHETIC! You can talk all about values but that’s a bunch of BS. All I hear from the haters is Fear.

    At least a company has the balls to portray minorities who don’t get represented as much. We see white people everywhere in commercials. There is no harm in showing a bit of diversity.