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New photos of the HTC Desire Eye show a 13-megapixel camera and more

HTC Desire Eye

With its Double Exposure event just days away, HTC is finding it harder to keep things under wraps. One of those happens to be the HTC Desire Eye, pictured above. The Desire Eye is one of HTC’s upcoming camera-centric devices and that’s clear right away just by looking at it. On the front of the device, we see a design akin to the Desire 816, with notable exception of the front-facing camera. Sitting at the top is a vast front-facing camera, accompanied by a dual LED flash. Alongside the front-facing camera, we can read that it’s a 13-megapixel sensor paired with a wide angle lens and aperture of f/2.0, making it one of the best front-facing cameras to date.

HTC Desire Eye (2)

On the sides, we see a bright accent color and spots for the volume rocker, power button and a dedicated camera button. Moving around to the back, the only things to be found are an HTC logo and a camera with dual-LED flash. No specifics are given on this, but it’s safe to assume that it should be good. All in all, the HTC Desire Eye looks like a solid offering and should help HTC to boost their profits.

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