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Nexus 6 appears in clear image


We’re likely not far off from Google’s official announcement of the Motorola Nexus 6. Smartphone fans aren’t always known for their patience, though, which is why we’re sure that many folks will be pleased to hear that the N6 has leaked out ahead of its debut.

Evan Blass, also known as the famous @evleaks, has posted what appears to be a press image of the Nexus 6. The device has a body design that’s similar to the Moto X (2014), but its side-mounted power and volume buttons are located near its center, which would make them easier to access on its large body.


Looking at the 5.9-inch display of the device, we can see what appears to be Android L. There are those new navigation buttons, some fresh Google app icons and new status bar icons as well. Speaking of the status bar, the time displayed on the Nexus 6 is “5:00,” which could be a hint that Android L will be Android version 5.0.

The rumor mill has suggested that the Nexus 6 could debut sometime in October with a 5.9-inch 2560×1440 display, 13-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facing shooter. If the device in the image above is indeed the Nexus 6, will you buy one?

Source: @evleaks

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  • spazby


  • surethom

    Sexy looking phone, not sure about the flat icons though! But why Google, Why no 5.2″ Nexus as well as this good looking phablet???

    • Cwalden21

      I seriously hope they release a midsize as well. They need to release 2 different sizes

  • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

    I am so hungry for this device.

  • Micah

    Look at those bezels. Surely it’s a Motorola device. Do believe I’ll be steering clear of this one and grabbing a oneplus when it goes up for preorder

    • mark

      I have the oneplus but hardly ever use it. The n5 fits in my pockets, the oneplus does not.

  • Rising33

    If the back of that thing looks anything like the moto x I will definitely be turned down. Not that there is anything wrong with the moto x’s design, but a Nexus device must look like a nexus device and not a carbon copy of any other phone. Besides that and the size it looks to be a great phone.

  • theluck

    Yes, looks good enough for me. I am in the preorder.

  • Odie

    Nope, the size is just too much of a detractor to get me on board. I’ve used the Note (1-3), LG G3, and iPhone 6+; and while I didn’t have trouble with them, I just couldn’t live with them as my daily phones. Those hover around 5.5″, so I can only imagine what a 5.9″ would feel like. I really hope they offer two versions of the Nexus 6, with the smaller one being 5″.

    • xbit

      If you’ve used those devices, then you pretty much know how it will feel… about the same. It’s a larger screen but very similar overall size as the current 5.5 phones. Here’s a mockup from leaked specs comparing sizes. It’s shorter than iPhone 6+ and a little taller than Note3 and OnePlus One.


      • Stanglifemike

        Nice!! I hadn’t seen that yet, and it is very helpful! Not for me, I’m getting the Note 4 launch day, but potential buyers now have a good idea of the overall size. Thanks for sharing!

      • Tommy

        I have a note 3, but I’d have to say that wide stance G3 is the best looking phone in that line up, imo

  • steve

    Looks amazing. If it has the 64 bit chip, it should be fastest on market to date. With stock Android, it should be very fast

  • Dirge

    Will both front speakers actually be used, unlike the new Moto X? Unfortunately for that phone, only the bottom one is actually used as a front speaker, while the top is the call speaker.

    • Jon

      Oh, huh. The more you know.

  • Kurt

    Oh hell yes!