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Notification Sync coming to Google Glass


Google Glass is getting a powerful new feature that will make it far more convenient for many. Notification Sync with your Android phone is arriving with a new Glass update rolling out this week. Notification sync allows Glass to function in a nearly identical fashion to Android Wear, where notifications from your Android phone will instantly appear on Glass, allowing you to see if it’s actually something that needs to be attended to.

Notification Sync is a feature that Google Glass users have long sought after, and now it’s finally arriving. To take advantage of it, Glass users will need both the latest Glass update as well as the MyGlass update that will be available tomorrow. It’s interesting that this major update is coming out tomorrow, the same day that Android L and the new Nexus devices are rumored to be released. More evidence that tomorrow will be a major day for Google news? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Source: Google Glass (Google+)

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