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OnePlus One pre-order system is live now!


Update: And just like that the pre-order window is closed. If you missed it they recommending signing up for their newsletter to find out when the next pre-order window will be available.

After almost five months of their invite-only system, the OnePlus One is finally available for “pre-order”.

As with all things OnePlus, this is a slightly unconventional system: you can finally just go to the site and place an order for the phone, but it still could be a bit of a wait before you receive the phone. You will get a shipping estimate after you have placed your order, though, so you won’t be completely in the dark about when the phone is shipping to you.

If you miss the first pre-order window, just remember that invites are still prioritized over pre-orders, so you can go ahead and hunt one of those done to save yourself the wait.

For all of their bizarre ordering schemes and regrettable marketing snafus, the simple truth is that OnePlus has created a solid phone at an amazing price (something even more desirable now that the Nexus program has gone upscale).

Anyone planning to place a pre-order today? If you do, we would love to hear how the process goes for you.

Source: OnePlus Pre-order Page

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  • Andy

    Pre-order website seems to be down!

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Considering how this stuff has all gone I can’t say I’m shocked.

  • droilfade

    I finally got through! Such a cumbersome process…I’m sure they lost a couple of hundred (at least) potential customers today!

    • Drew

      They lost me as a customer, that’s for sure. I was pretty excited about getting onboard, but between server issues and paypal issues, the process was a nightmare. I was never able to get it to go through, even after 45 minutes on the phone with PayPal. I didn’t think that I was willing to spend $300 more for a Nexus 6, but that might be how it goes now.

      • BlazeHN

        Just go Nexus 5 dude. Or get the OnePlus from Ali Express or such sites, its like $50 more but its worth I suppose.

  • mattprince

    I’ve never known a company act so arrogant and silly? Why make customers jump through hoops like this? The phone is cheap and seems to be good but not to such an extent that people are willing to go to such lengths to get one. When i first heard of it i tried to buy and realised i needed an invite. The forums there say “dont ask for invites as you get barred”. I came off the site and have never gone back. I bought a Nexus 5 instead and am thrilled. If i buy again, it will be a nexus 6. Shame on you Oneplus