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OnePlus set to hold second pre-order event on November 17


OnePlus‘ recent pre-order event for the OnePlus One didn’t quite go as the company had planned. While OnePlus was able to sell “tens of thousands” of devices during the pre-order event, it could have sold more if it weren’t for site errors that plagued users attempting to order a device.

In response to the overwhelming demand for the One during the first pre-order event, OnePlus has issued a public apology for the site errors and has announced a second pre-order event roughly three weeks from now on Monday, November 17 at 15:00 GMT. OnePlus is hoping that by waiting a few weeks to hold the next pre-order event, it will be able to sort out any problems users faced and ramp up inventory to get orders out faster.

Despite being haunted by problems since the beginning, OnePlus is continuing to move forward as quickly as it can. The OnePlus One is still a sought after device, and probably the best bang for your buck in Android today. If you still haven’t managed to snag a OnePlus One invite and missed the first pre-order event, mark your calendars for November 17.

Source: OnePlus

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  • live2skico

    I don’t get this 2 hour window to buy the phone. What is this, the woot.com of phones?

    you’ve got a good product, people want to buy it. then sell it. if you don’t know your demand (or don’t have the supply), then have a pre-order page or list it until it sells out.

    if they are working on minimal margins, then selling it for 2 hours once every 3 weeks is not going to make them profitable. Their window of opportunity is quickly fading.

    • Brandon Harris

      I agree. I’m gonna end up just getting a Nexus 6 because I can’t be arsed to deal with all that shit.

      This phone is killer . . . but it’s not THAT killer.

  • Paxmos

    Please for the love of god stop writing about this stupid, incompetent, freaking company………………………………………………………..PLEASE….Stella….

  • mmm

    fail of the century