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Oppo hints that its N3 will have a swiveling selfie camera

Oppo N3

Oppo is known for creating devices with incredible specs and often unique features as well. The Oppo N3 is the next flagship due to come out of the Chinese company and Oppo has been teasing it continuously until its official launch. The latest tease is a photo of the camera on the Oppo N3, which is set apart at the top of the phone with an LED flash. The two sit on their own faux leather platform and, like the Oppo N1, the camera appears to swivel to face the front.

To make it even more obvious, Oppo included the caption, “It’s your turn.” With that, we’re practically guaranteed a rotating camera that acts as both the front and rear camera. The trend of better selfies isn’t a new one. With selfies now permeating every level of society, many manufacturers are looking to upgrade their front-facing cameras.

What do you think of the selfie trend?

Via: Android Central

Source: Oppo (Google+)

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  • Eli Gaffke

    This isn’t the first time somebody did the swiveling camera. I think one of my first camera phones had that in like 2002. It’s easier too.

  • lesrr

    What we need is an anti vertical video phone

    • Mark!

      They should make it by default camera goes landscape when making video and give option to auto rotate most people are so clueless would just leave it default.

  • Daniel

    What is the deal with the faux-stitched edge on the camera part only? Seems like a very odd detail to add to the design – fanboy homage to previous Samsung models?

  • steve

    Selfies are dumb. Know one cares hot you think you are

  • lesrr

    Wow look another phone that caters to self absorbed narcissistic douche bags