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Roku adds Google Play Movies & TV channel, includes a free copy of X-Men


Roku continues to assert their dominance as the cross platform king of streaming media with the addition of a Google Play Movies & TV channel now available for Roku owners in the US, UK, Ireland and Canada.

The app mirrors the functionality of the Google Play Movies & TV experience on the Chromecast, including the Info Cards that display information on screen when the show or movie is paused.

Google is also treating you to a free copy of the original X-Men movie from 2000 in HD. Just click on “Gift from Google” when you first sign in from the channel.

Obviously credit is owed to Google for bringing their app to the Roku rather than trying to isolate their content with Chromecast and Nexus Player owners. Clearly they benefit from making the content as widely available as possible, but not all of the streaming hardware manufacturers have seen it that way.

iTunes content becomes the one truly notable omission for Roku owners, and I don’t think anyone is holding their breath for that to come to pass.

Between this announcement and the compelling new Fire TV Stick from Amazon announced earlier this week there is just a lot of competition in the streaming media space and that is almost always going to benefit the consumer.

Source: Roku Blog

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  • Doooshty

    Just another reason to support Google’s ecosystem over Apple. I don’t ever see Apple allowing this same type of freedom with iTunes. I assume this is liked to my google account so anything I own on my phone and computer will also be available on my Roku. It seems like the big battle going forward for content will be between Amazon and Google as they are the the biggest two cross platform players.

    • SGB101

      I think they will open iTunes up completly in next October’s event. Tim cooks apple is a different beast from Czar Job’s apple.

  • marcus

    Seems like a rip off I don’t get free movies just because I don’t use google movies in my roku but in my android phone…

    • SGB101

      A rip off! Want have you been ripped off by, what have you lost? Nothing.

  • tomen8r

    I find myself using play movies more lately as new movies are usually a buck cheaper than Comcast, Netflix and Amazon prime. Bucks add up.

    As far as free movie? Come on Google. Its a 15 year old movie. Better to offer nothing than a movie that is already free. Give me a newly released 2014 movie, not a tired not-filmed-in-HD movie. Thanks but no thanks.

  • abar

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